SCE Teachers and Military training

Whilst talking to a family member, they have said that they looked in to teaching in SCE but was put off by the military training.

I questioned this, as I don't think SCE would have received training, but they are ADAMANT that this was the case.

So the question is... would, during the late '70s early '80s, a SCE teacher have received ANY military training for their position? Possibly to aid evacuation west if the Russkies came knocking?

Or are they confused with the Ed Corps?


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Bugger. Must get my glasses changed. I thought it was SCH teachers, and was quite excited.
I think your family member may have been mistaken. I spent most of my education at SCE schools in Germany and these teachers definately had no military training.
I live in a street filled with them and their Support staff. They Do not recieve any military training. (The single one living next door to me has moved a Pte soldier in, so I'm not sure if that counts).

Its probably a good deal too. Don't know what the pay is like, but they live rent free with free utilities (gas & electricity). I think they are also exempt council tax/CILOCT . Plus full access to Tax Free goods/cars etc.

How and where do they recruit for SCE?
I work for SCE and OK it has only been for a few years but I have never heard of this before. At present all the SCE teachers have UKBC status and as such would definately not undergo any military training. There are still a few teachers knocking around who were probably here in the 80's and I couldn't imagine any of them having military training.
I think most potential SCE teachers were put of by the amount of subalterns and captains they had to have sex with...Whereas most of us were put of by the amount of SCE teachers we had to have sex with. I say had to, really I mean were too drunk to avoid.
My ex-wife taught in Fally in the mid 70's and she definitely didn't have any military training. Not allowed in the Officers Mess for drinkies with colleagues though, as she was married to a trooper.

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