being only cav we dont get much help with this as we have som lads doing it can some of inf types gives a heads up what to expect. i know beasting ion the hills is on the cards but what other surprises have they got instore for us? is bull shitty or practical and get treated like grown ups?

You will need to get your eyes on the Start Standard Tests for the course, get your OC or Trg Offr to contact HQ Inf Distr Trg Cell or go round to your local Inf bn and get a copy of the tests otherwise you will fail the in test and be RTU'd on day one.

Make sure your phys and personal skills are up to the mark, the rest will be taught to you as long as you have the motivation to keep going.

Keep your head down and Good luck welcome to the World of Dismounted Close Combat.
and a pencil sharpened at both ends!
Stand by to be told by the DS that 'it's a practical, learning course', shortly followed by lots of BS. Make sure your rocket packs and laminater are ready to go!
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