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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mark0497, Jun 2, 2009.

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  1. Having left the TA several years ago .... when I get back into it all am I still entitiled to wear my SCBC (junior brecon) badge, or does it have a shelf life ?

    Not a fuss... was just something that came to mind ....

  2. what SCBC badge is that then? ive never heard of anything other than the second stripe you get to wear if you pass :p
  3. It'd be the SCBC badge, for those having passed SCBC.
  4. Wreath and Bayonet, at a guess? Or is it the crossed bayonets thingy worn on the cuff?
  5. All two weeks of it! FFS
  6. msr

    msr LE

    He is quite right to be proud. And your problem is?

  7. I thought the crossed bayonets were worn on the cuff of woolly pully years ago. I've never seen them on CS95 kit. If you're infantry its one of those badges that you don't really need to wear.
  8. thats what i was referring to in my earlier post. we dont get issued the jersey's any longer so dont wear these type of badges along with mg,assault pioneer, pti etc badges

    and although only 2 weeks its a bloody intensive course with a lot more packed into it than the same period of time on the regular version. anyone passing it has the right to be proud of themselves for showing the committment and drive to do this gruelling course and return to normal civilian work routine immediately after.
  9. Thanks guys ... thats answered it ... I am not back in the TA yet (waiting for the nod from my employer) .... In my time away obviously uniform has changed from nice green trousers and itchy jumpers to DPM everything ...

    As I said earlier it's no bother to me either way, and I guess we would all look like boy scouts if we had every qualification up our sleeves.
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. very subtle MSR .... nicely done !!!
  12. The badge should now be worn on the right sleeve of the No.2 uniform, whether your still entitled to it is something different
  13. Is that like the class 1 infantrymans badge the bayonet with laurel leaves is this still worn or have these all faded out i remember when it was really important to display this on no.1's and 2's but doesnt seem that important anymore is this a sign of the times???
  14. Surely the 2 stripes on your chest and the increased pay are what really matter?

    Or is that just me?