Scary stuff

You ever thought that there may siómetimes be a little too much information out there? 8O
Its a very naughty site. At one point they had a group phot of "members of the FRU" posted up. Looked quite feasible as well, eg loads of blokes with long hair, beards and sidies in mess undress. :roll:
That Site needs to be shut down. [/img]
Good luck, the FBI have been trying for years.
Cryptome has been a thorn in the side of the US and UK governments for several years. It is often referred to in UK papers as 'a website based in America' - whenever I see that phrase in the Sunday Times etc I go and take a look at Cryptome.

Whilst some may argue that it should be shut down (especially if you are concerned with protecting lives using good OPSEC) it has never been served with an injunction by a US court. Freedom of expression (US constitution) and the fact that most of the information is either open source (on the internet), or obtained by Freedom of Information requests (thereby becoming open source) it is almost impossible to shut them down.

I think if you have a search on the site you will still find a highly classified Security Service document that was leaked from the UK - possibly by Shayler. It was referred to in the UK press at the time without naming Cryptome directly.

By the way you do realise that the UK Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) comes into force 1 Jan 05? God only knows the problems it will cause us all.....

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