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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HantsTiger, Apr 28, 2004.

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  1. A rumour has it that TA soldiers who fail CFTs etc. at Chilwell are still being sent to Iraq. This is a little worrying, especially as someone who isn't fit for role is a danger to more than themself. (Im TA too by the way)
  2. I know for a fact some TA who are going out to Iraq to replace the hospital staff of BMH Shaibah are no where near fit enough to be considered for deployment. But as they are so short, then off they go! :evil:
  3. If they weren't sent to Iraq more would 'fail' than pass..
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I concur, at RMTC last year we had the staff ranting about no one would deploy if they didnt pass the APWT (With the new distance score requirements) and CFT, I am not sure many of the Consultant Surgeons passed one or the other and that went for the majority of the group on a whole.

    Funny old thing though, we all deployed. I agree if you have a standard then stick to it and make sure soldiers pass it.
  5. But then again there are plenty of regulars I know who are medically downgraded, unable to pass physical ITDs and have deployed. The problem is not just limited to the TA.
  6. What we are seeing is the effect of overstretch. The truth is that there is no flexibility left in the system, and the rules are bent to enable slots to be filled.

    As long as the Head Shed fail to acknowledge the problems and fail to say no to the politicians, it'll just keep getting worse.
  7. RTMC apply the standards required by the Theatre Mounting Instruction (currently to pass ITD(A) 1-6).

    If an individual fails then this is reported to the chain of command and the individual can be accepted "at risk" to the receiving unit.

    Recently a group from an undisclosed unit appeared with certificates from their CO stating they were exempt the BCFT. It took a day and conversations with various organisations to sort out whether they were (and RTMC made them do a BPFA anyway...)