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Ok had a very few moments today driving to a football match with kids. Going along minding my own business when in my rear view mirror i noticed a car behind us with a bunch off middle eastern looking guys. Whats wrong with that you may say?
Well not much apart from the fact that one off them sitting in the passenger seat had a video camera pointed at us and everywhere i turned they followed.
This was getting me a bit worried so i got one of my kids to phone 999 and hold the phone next to my ear, i told them what was happening my previous occupation and my latest where there were a few death threats issued,the police then told me to head towards the football ground and they would intercept us on the way,which they did in spectacular style boxed the car in while we carried on down the road a few hundred yards.
after about 10 minutes the police came over to us and said the video camera was empty and the car had been following me because the driver had seen tne football stickers in my car and was going to the game,which he proved by showing his tickets.
I felt a bit daft but the officers said i had done the right thing in calling them .
So if you were going to the Luton and Plymouth game today saw a load of armed cops having some fun, and you were late im sorry.
What would you have done?


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The real scary bit was of the police hadn't stopped us where they did it would have been in bury park in Luton where there are some very , polite way of saying it , Anti western people. God knows what would off happened then?
DieHard said:
, Anti western people. God knows what would off happened then?
why are they here if they don't like us

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