scary films

So whats the most scary film or bloody one you ever seen?

I have "the entity"

Its not scary as jumpy but just cus you can't see the entity it's self. Its graphic and the back ground music is typical 80's usa horror!!!
Sith Sense, just for getting the hairs on the back of my neck to go vertical!
Shouldn't this be in "Films aand Book" not the NAAFI?

Ah well, time to get back in my box.

Mr Happy

Arachnaphobia, the early 90's production had me in sweats. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the constant screaming too.

Mr H
chickenpunk said:
gizmodnd said:
The Shining... :evil:
True, very scary. I would also nominate 'The Ring'... eeek!
Mmmm, ugly troll like women crawling out of your TV.
I thought 'Saw' was 'scarier.' Good ending, didn't think of that one after the first 10 mins.
Deadringers with jeremy irons playing a pair of twins that were gynaeocologists.

Not gory didnt make you jump, but by god I had nightmares for a week after that one, might have been the bright red KKK style surgical gear that did it.
The start of 28 days later, when they've emptied London. The rest of the film is bilge, but a deserted London? Fair made me poo myself.
If the US version is scarier Im not watching it. Fecked up Jap bird crawling out of a TV was enough for me.

When i was younger Steven Kings IT... or Salem's Lot but no where near, 'Here's Johnny :!:
Film ( by Leni Reifenstahl?) of Neu Arbeit Rally, sorry, conference 1999. The great leader's speech ending.

And now, at last, Party and nation joined in the same cause for the same purpose: to set our people free.
Roughly: 'one party, one nation, one thousand year reich'.

Be very afraid. I still am.
Not exceptionally scary but very twisted: Identity. Now that was one quality film, absolutely loved it.

Fairly scary jumps-wise: What Lies Beneath. And Michelle Pfeiffer is really hot in it, too. The Gift is quite similar as well - the drowning bird etc., but I thought it was a bit less exciting.

In terms of "rivers of blood" has to be Freddy Kruger, the only snag is it's far too cheesy to loose sleep over it. See what I’ve done there?
The Grudge is the worst film I ever saw I sat alone in a cinema with my scarf between myself and the screen. I resorted to trying to play a (silent) game on my phone to stop me having to watch the film. But it's hard trying to play a phone left handed while the right hand has a scarf wrapped round your head and shoved in your mouth so that you don't embarrass yourself by screaming like a girl.Anyway I screamed like a girl and was scared.
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