Dont supose so but is there anything about scars in that could hold someone back from joining? I say this because I used to do alot of caveing and have a rather assortment of mainly small scars but one large one on my chest, was thinking about getting it removed before I go too basic training (i presume a doctor can remove it) since its not like a small 1 its like a lump but a scar, had it for about 4years so not worried about it other than it does itch quite often and can be an irritation, hard toe xplain really, about the size of a 10 pence piece but sticks out a bit...

any help would be appreciated :)
I had a heart operation when i was young and as a result i have a 10inch scar up my chest, plus i also a hernia treated on the top of my thigh which is about 4 inch's long. Admitedly i had a referal for my heart op, but that was nothing to do with the scars and i flew into basic. Im sure someone here with clarify that anyway.

/Didnt think you could 'remove' scars anyway unless you cover them heh
Scars are recorded as recognizable features on your docs. I got a nice 7 1/2 inch one where a 303 ricochet hit me while in cadets. no one even gave a second look Picked up a few more along the way and god yeah the bloody itching I thought it was just me.:)


Scars are not a problem dude.
My nephew has one running from his forehead right down to his top lip.
(Nasty pushbike/car accident).
Breezed through training, and is now with his Reg. Theycall him Zippy for some bizarre reason......
Go for it !!
ah chears, well wen i said removed i ment more like reduced, because its stick out quite i bit, and it is a bit irritating specially if i imagined crawling about and stuff. Heh yeah i thought the itching was just me aswell, and once i start itching all hell breaks lose and have to tie my hands down to stop :p

Thanks alot for fast replies fellas, really put my mind at rest :D

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