Scaring the Kids

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Track_Link, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Now, despite my initial aprehensions, I took the plunge and joined the ACF as an instructor.

    So far lots of laughs, the smell of starch and wandering around looking for my twistys (somethings never change)

    Thing is, a couple of Instructors I know seem very keen on going on about war, killing and death etc. They seem to love trying to scare the pre-sprogs.

    Is this normal behaviour??? Or did I pick a Det filled with wrong uns
  2. Track,

    You served on Granby so you know the score. When these people glorify it, they usually haven't even been there. Sounds like you are in a right hole of a det. Be yourself and point out the error of their ways to these instructor idiots out of earshot of the cadets. Welcome aboard mate.
  3. In regards to that chap you were on about Track, Reni 77 is on the case and will get back to me with some info.
  4. *removed*
  5. Actually, he's not wrong. Hope you haven't been going on about what a t1t he is to too many people...
  6. No i haven't he is a sound guy. does loads of work for charity dressing up as a ww2 soldier soo all credit to him. Just wasnt sure about some of his stories, i think a few are definately just to scare us. :D
  7. Latest War story tonight was killing a T55 with a Milan. Apparently it pierced the armour, bounced around inside before creating an exit hole that all the crew were sucked out of.

    Powerful bit of kit that Milan. I had no idea.

    And there was me thinking the best way to shag a Tank was to ask a Yank to perform maintenance on it!
  8. If he was talking about doing this on Granby, he's full of shoite!
  9. I am having a word on Thursday...
  10. Or maybe several....

    Is he ex-Reg? He sounds like a complete fcuktard.
  11. What's not to be sure about?

    Attach a fcuk load of explosives, shrapnel and/or penetrators to an "intelligent" firing system and you are away. It isn't hard to detect the difference between 70 tons of iron compared to a human.

    Mines can now "self cleanse" by blowing up after a set time, or on a radio command. And their capabilites are only tempered by human ingenuity and the cost you are willing to expend on a "throw away" device.

    How about this bad boy
  12. Claims to be. Lets see what happens when I mention the various objectives on Granby... Precious Metals anyone?
  13. Refer to it as Desert Storm....

    If he doesn't look at you as if you are complete tool, you're on to a winner....


    Take your medals in, to show the kids, especially that Kuwait/Saudi throwing start thing you can't wear. Invite him to do the same :D

    I remember them as really hard animals... Lion, Tiger, Dragon, Bull or Elephant..... of course I wasn´t even in the Army for Granby :twisted:
  14. Don't forget the American ones Track. States?
  15. Took in Gong - He asked what it was for. I explained.... He stroked his chin and nodded and then asked if I was there on the dates on the bar. I nodded. He said 'Damn, we missed each other by a month, I arrived in March'

    I'm enjoying this. I shall pick my moment I think.