Scariest ghost video ever

SLUDGE said:
im in two minds about it myself , still doesnt get away from the fact i slept with the light on last night 8O
That's the difference between light and hard - you CAN sleep with a light on!
Oddly enough I was visited by a ghost last night, not for the first time either. When I woke this morning the poltergeist had opened the back door, spewed on the patio, taken all the money from my wallet, covered my best disco shirt in lipstick, urinated at the foot of the stairs and left a half eaten kebab next to me on the bed.
I have no memory of the visitation other than a vague recollection of the room spinning and things going a bit 'wierd'. A mate, who was in the spare room saw nothing but heard some banging noises and groaning. I wonder if it is trying to warn me of something.


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Shit. This is scary.

Last night, right? I'd necked a bottle of Jack to try and kill the Ching, and as I layed my head down to sleep, my dear dead Granny appeared to me and said "Son, you stay away from them Mars Bars".

So I did.

And here I am.

I believe

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