Scargil's legacy?

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Tool, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Just got off the phone with the folks in Jo'burg as it's sprog's birthday. Old lady says "card's in the post, but don't expect it too soon. " My surmising that the postal strike is now over was met with a derision of laughter. Apparently the "original" strike at WitsPos was ended by employing temp workers and firing the striking workers. All good so far, but it appears that the temps have now gone on strike as they want to be made permanent employees! Afrika aus, etwas Neues...
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    is that chief umbatty scargill of the mandinkas?
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  3. I thought he was of the wa-Benzi tribe, personally. But I'm only a soutie, so what do I know?
  4. You give to me...!
  5. Scargil's legacy eh......


    .......who now will pick up and wield the shaman's red feather toupee of piss poor judgement?
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  6. Would love to be around when, eventually, his file is declassified at the Public Records Office.
    My guess? Worked as a source for that 5 lot for years.
    Who else gives 18 months notice of a national strike (giving loads of time to stock up ) and then calls it in the middle of a summer?
    Stands to reason innit?
  7. No, he's just really, really stupid.
  8. Back on to topic - even though it's a shame to see a country imploding, at least it's democratically governed and not efficiently run by a bunch of racially-biased white oppressors (looks for additional Grauniad-approved adjectives to use).

    What a shame that the UN is unable/unwilling/unauthorised to help stabilise and prevent downward spiral of such countries - still: self-determination, it's the way ahead, eh?
  9. Crepello, I notice the absence of a [sarcasm] and [/sarcasm] pair encompassing your first paragraph...

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  10. Since when is in the Police remit to be a bargaining tool for piss poor managment?
  11. Not sure what Scargill has to do with SA... but...

    Scargill is a very intelligent man, that is not something that should be taken away from him.

    He managed to lead the miners into a battle they could not possibly win and watched them and their families go hungry whilst he cashed his big fat monthly paycheque.

    He now lives in luxury London accommodations, paid for by the union he once screwed over (continues to screw over)... whilst drawing the kind of pension no miner could ever possibly have dreamed of.

    I'm going to refrain from using the word genius to describe him. Only because the miners he led to the slaughter, were lacking in education - he targeted weak minded people - lacking in common sense... really thick dumb arrsed ***** who spent their days in a big **** off hole in the ground. Strong in back - weak in mind. Or as they say locally - I'm not very bright but I can lift heavy weights.

    There is a sadness though, and that is that even after many years of moving on, improving educational standards and better aspirations, if we combined the whole intellectual capacity of these people from the redundant wastelands (once the minefields), we wouldn't generate a detectable or minuscule blip on the intelligence Richter Scale. They still blame Maggie for what was essentially their own ******* fault - being thick enough to follow a commie conman like lemmings over the cliff.

    Go anywhere in Yorkshire outside of these mining villages and most people have jobs, improved standards of living and higher expectations. Go to any of these shit holes once titled mining villages and the dumb arrses living there are still completely flummoxed, no idea of what to do. Why oh why do these ******* have to be British and worse... much worse why from the North of this wonderful country. And yes, Scargill.... he's doing alright thank you very much - still a gobshoit - but you can't blame him... he saw an opportunity and like most entrepreneurs - grabbed with both hands. If he'd exploited people in 3rd world country with equal measure as he exploited the miners, the same pin through the nose, purple haired ******* would be protesting against him.

    You can lead a thick **** to water and you can make it drink.
    But you can't do that with a horse.
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  12. Scargill is/was in the news at the moment with Maggie T's garden party, so I was trying to bring topicality into the equation. His power base and subsequent life style can be mirrored in Julius Malema.
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  13. I know nothing about Malema, but if what you say is accurate, then perhaps the people of SA should visit Goldthorpe as a warning against following Scargill's boy wonder.

    One 10 minute tour should see them realising just how shit life could become in SA.... or anywhere in the world for that matter!
  14. .......the same pin through the nose, purple haired ******* would be protesting against him.

    You can lead a thick **** to water and you can make it drink.
    But you can't do that with a horse.[/QUOTE]

    If you have a big enough stave, you make it wish it bloody well had - though! (certain regts may use trenching tool in lieu).
  15. He recently lost a court case and the union is evicting him

    .BBC News - Arthur Scargill loses London flat case
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