Scare mongering

Every time i turn on the news all i hear is....Global warming this,Global warming that.The rate these tw@ts are going the world will end by Xmas.Why does everyone want to build wind farms???...the energy these things produce is low.Does that mean in 5 years the whole country will be a wind farm??.The only one that benefits from these things is Farmer Giles who gets a wad of cash for renting the space for these things.Won't take long and the Gov will be on the band wagon getting even more taxes from us.Global warming rumour was probably started by them anyway.
Most companies want media attention - so they will push the green aspect of their product. It is just a hook into the media. Below the marketing the product remains the same. It is a bit like fashion - you get it in the corporate world.
Oho - sexism, eh? Wait till I tell Gordon ..........
more fear factor means more money for research. If they really wanted to cut back on greenhouse gases they should just round up people that fart a lot and execute them.This doesn't win votes so scientists try and justify their existence by scattering the blame on things like cars,air travel etc.
Bambi said:
Oho - sexism, eh? Wait till I tell Gordon ..........
Bambi, sssh. Let the tards play. We can get them ice cream.

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