Scarborough AFCO...

Took my mate down today because she was a bit nervous but the place was closed with no notice up or anything. We rang the 08457 number on the poster, they said there's no reason it should be closed. Got the AFCO's number, rang it. Nothing.

Anyone got any ideas as to why it was closed or know when it could be open again?


PS. I'm in the selection process for the navy 8)
They had a terror alert.

Someone tipped them off that an ugly scrawny potential Navy recruit was coming down with his boyfriend who wanted to join the Army, however they had got both the med docs and the security checks back for the Navy lad.

It appears he's a extremist gay rights activist and he has AIDs, they feared he may try and bomb the office after he was turned away for being an AIDs infested Hermer.

Hope that helps.