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Discussion in 'Photography' started by revmodes, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. having a dig through the old photo albums, and decided to scan a few and (a) transfer to windows live gallery and(b) e-mail some to the wifes p.c.

    They have all come out with a grainy effect and a blue tinge and background, also i would like to increase the picture sizes without losing too much definition.

    Any help much appreciato.

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  2. Not a fault of the scanner, I have a few photos from the 70's early 80's and the original photo is created by a pixel effect. Some of mine also have an orange tinge. The higher the resolution you choose to scan, the more it seems to magnify the pixel effect unfortunately.
  3. Can you get better results scanning the negatives (if you still have them) I wonder. I get greainy effects when I scan old photos, starting to wonder about a negative scanner...but wouldn't have a clue where to start or what to buy. Seems like it might be the best way to get clear pictures?
  4. Is this OK. I'm not an expert on processing.

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  5. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Open a free account with one of the Photo sites like "Photobucket" and you should be able to resize and sort out your colour problems

    Alternatively use a scanning App on a smart phone and " My Little Camera " App, it can do the same thing
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  6. Did you get to be an RSM?
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  7. Aimed at me ?
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  8. Nope, at the OP.

    Read the comment on one of the pics ....
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  9. Dear friend, Looking at the results of your scanning it would appear that you may have a fault with your scanner or the software - not sure which as I do not know the details of the same. My first thought is the scanner is scanning in the wrong mode - thus "layering" has occurred. If you PM me the details of your scanner and the software I may be able to find a resolution to your problem.

  10. That is a huge

  11. Ha ha, the guy in the photo a very good mate, did even better, colonel QM and well deserved, me a humble WO1
  12. will do many thanks ,i am in the wrong location at the moment to get the details
  13. Wow, the boy did well!