Scanning photo albums

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Mikal, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Up until Win7 I never had a problem scanning pics from very old photo albums. Sadly HP wouldn't update the drivers to my trusty 10 year old scanner so I've have to find a replacement. I seem to have lost the plot, flushed grey cells down the china throne or something. Since then I haven't been able to find a halfway decent scanner which will actually scan, reliably, the image at actual size. I must be losing it because most Canon scanners can't handle the dpi, Epson ones try to double the size of the original image and HP ones keep breaking down.

    I know part of the problem is how to use use the software with the scanner but I need something easy to use for when I'm visiting interviewees.

    I'm hoping one of you can set me back on the right track because I really need to return a 1940s album to its owner.
  2. I have a HP scanner/printer. It's great.
  3. Just put the Epson scanner software in professional mode and set whatever scanning resolution you require. For price/quality the Epsons are great and the scanning software is easy to use with a fair amount of control over the process is you need it.
  4. If you have a good enough camera it's quicker to just rephotograph the album
  5. Was that was the OP asked? No, it wasn't.

    You just can't ******* help yourself can you.
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  6. Tropper's had his hand slapped, Tropper's had his hand slapped.
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  7. It's advice dipshit,As I am in the process of scanning/rephotographing almost 16.000 frames I think I'm getting quit good at this shit, and its a f@cking lot quicker and easier to re Photograph the f@cking lot, by a time scale of about 5.
  8. Shit advice if the OP doesn't have a decent camera. Bell end.
  9. FFS most f@cking Phones will do it, and put it straight onto a online Photo account in seconds,
  10. Yeah smudge, ya hear that? *pokes monitor*
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  11. You're suggesting that the OP re-photographs all his photos with a camera phone?!!? You're either someone with very low standards/expectations, or you're a complete cock.

    Actually, I take that're probably both.

    Actually, I take that back are both!
  12. OH FFS try and catch up on modern tech.
  13. Kill yourself you old ****.
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  14. Ah, I like Fridays, everyone is in a good mood because it's Poets Day, we've just been

    paid and we are all full of the joys of spring and goodwill to all men, then Tropper bobs on

    the scene and the shit hits the fan, want to borrow my tin lid Trops?