Not had a good day. Spent 2 hours in a hospital waiting room being exposed to daytime TV before a short Korean maniac stuck a torch thingy and sharp pointy thingies up my nose. Then I get home to find that the scanner's gone Phut.

Recommendations for a replacement? I especially need to transfer thousands of photos including 35mm trannies, plus the old one had the ability to scan a page and save it as a Word Doc.

I am also a technological dullard if it doesn't go bang so short words appreciated.
Kodak used to make a gadget for scanning 35mm slides and negatives etc. Not seen one for ages, ebay would probably be a good bet for that.

Its rare to find a scanner on its own these days. They are generally included in a printer/copier/fax/scanner combo these days, and are not badly priced.

The ability to scan and save as a word doc is a feature called OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and is a software tool that generally comes with the scanner. There are various software tools out there to do it for you, just google OCR.
Have used one of these (Canon N670U) for a few years now. Still going and no dramas.


p.s the one advertised is not mine


Actually there are loads of single purpose scanners on the market. Best place to go is down to PC World or any other PC specialist. They're cheap and most have software which includes OCR, plus a lot more these days - and they're faster and easier to use than the older models.


Epson, Canon, HP or Mustek - nothing wrong with any of them. I've used them all and I've currently got an HP A4 plus a Mustek A3 - had both for over a year and no dramas.
I can recommend the HP psc 2410 photosmart all-in-one.

It scans, reads from memory cards, can be a fax machine, and comes with optical character recognition so you can scan a document and convert it to MS word. I bought one for my son and liked it so much I bought one for myself later.

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