Scandinavian Road Trip

I'm considering doing as per title, possibly via a Dover ferry, do a bit of camping / Air BNB, two teenage brats would also be coming.
So what are the pluses' and minuses?
I'm guessing the brats will moan they are bored so I also need to plan something for them.


Can't offer much advice apart from do it....

I'm looking at Spain via France myself as I've never done anything similar and can't wait...

Sort of trips where awesome memories are formed.... now just need to find a reason to leave the wife behind
Monitor screens mounted on the headrests cabled up to a games console and a big stack of DVDs and games.
Should keep the brats quiet then you can concentrate on getting lost and avoiding moose/elk/reindeer and drunken/suicidal Scandawegens.


Leave the brats behind. There all too often is no material upside: everyone is variously bored, stressed or miserable.

Give them some cash and farm them out to friends/ relatives or ship somebody in to wrangle them.

For our three week road trip in America Mrs B's sensible sister stayed at our place and established a reign of terror.

Also meant we did not have to put dogs in kennels
Harwich to the Hook, Stena Line, save some road miles and take lots of dough.
Out of the 3 Denmark is the more reasonable in costs, beer etc and least ****.
North Jutland nice, as is Funen (the middle island) and Sealand (the island that Copenhagen is on.)
Did I mention the fit babes yet?
Lots of history, military and otherwise en route too.
And every fcuker speaks English.

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