Scandal over American wounded

Bush has showed a passing interest in a scandal over the way wounded American soldiers are treated after they returned home from Iraq or Afghanistan, I was wondering If any of our politicians have shown any interest in our wounded, have you been visited in hospital by Blair, Brown or any of the other desperate scum who attempt to run the country.


Haha New Zealand certainly does...when one of our soldiers had a minor wound (a dart in a limb I think) a few of the towns held a parade and heaps of other things
no they haven't mate.

One nurse was called Brown though, she whacked me with a slipper and opened two stitches but the punishment was fair, considering the crime. It was a fair cop but society was to blame. Corporal punishment, 'ye canna whack it'.
Me and couple of the other lads were playing rugby with a grapefruit in the ward telly room.

I was nine years old at the time but the memory of being beaten by a starchy, uniformed female with attitude stayed with me all this time heh heh wikid. The image always recurred when going out of my way to evoke being disciplined by a female officer.

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