Scamming Nigerian tw@t

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by g2_loony_bin, May 26, 2007.

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  1. I have received an email from this chap who claims to be a Brit soldier serving in Iraq.

    Now I wouldn't fucking mind but this geezer hasn't even done any decent research, let alone learnt English properly!

    Can someone send these details off to SCIT to see if there is any truth in the ID (although I very much doubt it) as I'm off to the sand pit soon.

    I shall reply to this chopper and see if I can find out anymore details so as to embarass him and get him scared!

    Anyone got a good idea of how to continue?

    It's a good book on one man's war to combat all these e-scammers.

    It's got quite a few humourous ideas ... like, getting him to prove his 'identity' - by making the e-scammer send obscure photographs of theirself to him (like balancing a fish on his head and holding two cups of water), or by making the e-scammer tattoo something into his arm ("Baited by ..."). There are some pretty elaborate ones in there too, like faking his own death moments before he was about to give them his bank details, making them write out entire novels by hand to prove their identity, or pretending to fall in love with them.

    If you want to draw this e-scammer out first email back that you're willing to help, but say, because you're sceptical and cautious, you need further proof of their identity ... then play it from their.

    Let us know how you get on!
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. There is no such bloke at 3 (UK) Div.

    PM me if you want further info.
  5. Theres just been a court case recently regarding the fish on his head scammer. What a tube he was they had him doing all sorts of things believing he was taking other people for a ride :twisted: They got enough evidence to convict him :D

    Problem is loony knowing my luck if I got the email Id fcuk it off then find out years later i was a gen u deal.
  6. Careful ,G2LB...GeneralM could just be telling you this because he doesn't want his share of the money to be less! I suggest you wait until you get out to theatre and then go look Sgt A up, mate!
  7. lol.

    Anyways G2LB, get your arse out here. It's fun!.

    Just remember your secret magnetic field that reflects rockets and makes them drop out of the sky.

  8. Lol!!!! What a fcukin squirrel! :rofl:
  9. A lot of 419 stuff was covered up in finance when arrse first started Some splendid work has been already done in thei field by Dr Cox A. Flopping.
  10. Become a Scambaiter

    Quote"One of the golden rules of scambaiting is 'make your scammer do all the work'. Tie the guy up. Make his life miserable by dragging out the dealings for as long as humanly possible. What better way to keep a scammer busy than to make them copy an entire book by hand? "


  11. It isn't me. Really.

    No, honest.
  12. What cracks me up about these scammers is that they seem to be having a pissing contest regarding the alledged amount of money. It appears to be going up and up since I first got one of these about 7 years ago. Its like an Austin Powers scene with Dr Evil! They seem to think the more money they quote, the more likely it is that someone will take them seriously, where in actual fact the reverse would be true.
  13. Just a thought on this one how does he know that you are a serving soldier. We get a lot of these scammers who get our info from our websites mind this piece of shit does not start asking questions like where are you being stationed and what weapons do you use
  14. *sigh* where does it say that the recipient is a serving soldier?

    by the way, if they're interested - i'm at RAF Barkston Kingley and my personal weapon is an AC-130 Spectre.