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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Daughter comes into the kitchen said "Dad there's a big fight in the street and Police everywhere." Excited! - I runs out of the open front door to here it close and lock behind me, the letterbox opens and this little voice says "April Fool." :D :D
  2. well done that lass
  3. deleted cause I'm a mong.
  4. Good drills that girl. Good April fools by the Beeb about flying Penguins, my 4 year has gone to school convince they are real.
  5. Where?

    Oh no have I just fallen for one?
  6. Just over a year ago, when my granddaughter was around two and a half years old, she was quite a fan of penguins (which she called "gringas"), having enjoyed the film "Happy Feet". She looked up, from the kitchen window, one morning, pointing to a chimney, and exclaimed "gringa!". My daughter pointed out that one doesn't see wild penguins in the UK. I looked up, to see a magpie! :D

    I haven't noticed any April Fools so far today. :(
  7. Quality!

    Anyone played any good pranks yet?

    I've forged a Notice of Intended Prosecution for a mate! (Speed camera van letter). I posted it through his letter box early this morning, had the envelope franked etc, put the speed FAQ leaflet in there too. I'm awaiting the outcome.

    It looked pretty good, hope he falls for it 8)
  8. Here's a good April fool.

    Mindful of US unease over Basra, Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, will signal this week that there will be no withdrawal of UK troops from Iraq this spring.

    Oh no....... silly me ........ it's isn't.
  9. Just got a text from one of my troop saying we're dicked to do a 6 month bosnia tour with comms troop.
    almost got me.
  10. My Dad put a smoke bomb infront of my door so it came through the bottom then burst in shouting the house is on fire i shat myself not funny!
  11. Seen BMW's full page ad in a number of today's broadsheets?

    Capacitor in the brakes which stores a charge of 200v to catch out peeing dogs!

    Lovely photo of a smokin' chiuahua sheepishly standing next to a Beemer...

    nice one!
  12. Just showed my son the video on the Daily Mail website. He wasn't fooled, my 58 year old mother-in-law was though. Dippy cow!
  13. I noticed that Guinness were dong a one day special on pints that were white with a black head! I would love to see some bar staff dealing with that one!
  14. Yes ..... this is an OLD thread. I didn't want to start a NEW one, so I decided this one'll do. I wanted to share something I found amusing.

    My daughter phoned this morning, after the school run. Earlier, she had been watching, on iPlayer, Politics Show, an interview, from the primary school she used to attend, with her Headmistress. The headteacher, who joined the school about 20 years ago, has matured mentally, but, physically, looks exactly the same. She still only looks 30 years old. (The headteacher my daughter had looks younger than my granddaughter's headteacher.)

    When my daughter was watching the video, my grandaughter looked at the screen. My daughter told my granddaughter the woman "used to be Mummy's headmistress". From the sound my granddaughter made in response, my daughter reckoned she had expected to see someone like Dumbledore.