Scammell Pioneer history

I realise this might be more appropriate to the history forum, but thought I would try the REME first.
I recently spent a couple days helping to rebuild the engine of a Scammell Pioneer that is now used in a boatyard as a prime mover and (with the addition of a HIAB) for heavy lifting. I was there as third assistant spanner passer – it’s not my usual line of work.

The owners know a bit of its history - it was a TRMU30/TRCU30 tank transporter ordered under contract T5162 on 23 Oct 41 as a tractor unit, the only vehicle on that contract. It was chassis number 4611 and WD registration number H4662140. They know this from the book ‘Pioneer’ by Pat Ware.

They would like to know more, so the questions are

- can you track an individual vehicle through records in the National Archives or elsewhere e.g. the REME museum, and hence establish something of its service?

- it it possible to find out why it was a singleton?

Any ideas?

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