Scammell Ops????

So is that still a trade these days?

I got out in 95 as a A1 scammell op (31AES) there was nowt better than getting lost with a No8 bridge or trying not to hit anything coming in the front gates of 35 with a plant trailer.......good times !!!!!! does anyone from 32 remember a crazed boxhead fall asleep and run into the back of a No9 bridge palked on the side of the autobahn driven by Talks (i want to go back to my crane now) Brandon It pushed the bridge up into the back of the cab! He had Nige and Will from 77MT behind him .....

Mat. :)
there are no scammels anymore,all gone to the truck graveyard, now all replaced by TBT for the bridges and Seddon atkinson's for the plant........ and Tarqs is out now...still lives in germany, .......i remember the incident you mention quite well

although i am not MT
Left 31 AES 87 as a Scammell Op went to Chattenden,
Best laugh was a new troopy asking us to cam up, all 20 Scammells, 2 cranes 4 frogs and a gaggle of Tenny's, the LWT just got all the nets out on the pallets along with the bridge sheets and we got notice to move, 4 times this happened, then he listened we dont get time to cam up.

Where is JC and Tarquin ????????????????

Dont know about God is Armoured, God was a Scammell Op !!!

All the best to all Scammell Ops out there

Sapper Ted

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