Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pompey, Jun 10, 2008.

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  1. Just received this email to my hotmail account, obviously a scam and a twist on the normal exiled African Prince who wants help in reclaiming his fortune...but this one is closer to home and I thin he needs reporting:-

    "I am Peter Watson, a legal practitioner based in London UK. I am personal attorney to late Mr. Adams Williams who died with his wife and two sons in the Tube explosion at King's Cross-and-Russell Square in London. He was a prosperous businessman (an oil Merchant). He left behind a deposit of twelve million two hundred thousand US Dollars in his security/finance Company in London. Subsequent to my efforts to have possession of his funds, the bankers lately determined that I should provide his close relative to inherit the funds within 28 working days prior to the restructuring of the banking institution or the funds would be subjected to dormant. Thus, given that the mandate is high priority, I have a desire for you to participate as the next of kin in an attempt to overcome the diktat given by the bank. After investigation the Security/finance Company also found out that he did not leave a "WILL" and all attempts to trace his next-of-kin were fruitless. Let me know your willingness to pool resources with me or I should contact another person forthwith.My private email address is: I earnestly anticipate your prompt reaction.

    Peter Watson Will & Probate Solicitors
    101 Borough High Street LONDON SE1 1NL
    Tel: +44-702-401-7451
    Fax: +44-700-596-1494"

    I've checked the list of victims from that day and can't see any trace of Adam Williams...has anyone seen this scam before? Who would be interested with this - will the Police do anything with this???
  2. it's probably from nigeria, and would prove incredibly difficult to do anything about.

    forget about it.
  3. go here and submit it to these guys who will string him along for months on end & even end up getting money from him :)
  4. Funny, I don't recall any such solicitors on borough high street, maybe I'll pop in on my way to sainsburys and offer to take the twelve million off their hands :roll:
  5. Better still, sign up for a new Hotmail account, go to the 419eater site, steal their excellent ideas and do it yourself.

    I did it about 6 years ago using ideas off their site and a Pay As You Go mobile. Actually managed to get a guy to fly to Amsterdam to meet me and then send me pictures from Schipol as I kept saying I was there and couldn't find him.

    Used a photoshopped passport with Ross Kemps photograph which, if you read every other letter in the fake passport number, said "fcuk you tw*t" and he STILL fell for it :)

    Set up one of the free internet fax accounts so that faxes can be sent and received and look up "number spoofing" if you want to send him texts or make calls that appear to be from somewhere else.

    Last call I made to him at Schipol was spoofed to appear that it came from Buckingham Palaces press office. I wonder if he ever called it back?

    It gives you a great sense of satisfaction knowing, that for around a 50 or 60 quid outlay on your part (PAYG, call charges and paying for the "number spoof") that you have got some tw*t to fly half way around the world to meet a mark that doesn't exist that then tries to ring the Queen :)

  6. :D Good f-kin skills! :thumright: :worship:
  7. Stella, I am in true awe of your abilities!
  8. I googled the solicitor, only 1 peter watson came up click here
    looks like he's not even in the firm mentioned either unless he's branched out, might be worth giving him a call to see if he's 12m lying around his office?
  9. If you want a great example, look HERE

    Its from the 419 site that I stole so much from that also activley encourages you to do the same.

    It starts quite slowly but trust me, it's worth reading all the pages of the story carefully. The guys there are fcuking geniuses. It turns the "dying cancer patient" into a "goat fcuking animal sex addict" with some excellent references to Monty Python in between.

    These 419 scammers are great for a long running wind up and I wish I could claim the credit but have gotta admit that it was the site above that prompted me.

    Try it, you'll be laughing your c0ck off for years :)
  10. Check the headers on the e mail then the IP address I did this for a scam, got a name and googled him. He was a known fraudster pretending to be an African princess.

    As Stella says if you are that way inclined you can have some fun with him. I found some amusing stuff on the 419 site.
  11. That 419eater site is great...the 'wooden head' saga was funny as fcuk!!
  12. Someone gave the link to the real Peter Watson, I would bundle it up, send it to him and ask him if he is operating scams now.

    It is an offence to make out you are a solicitor, who is officially an "officer of the court", hence the email you received does not mention that word. It is also an offence to conspire to defraud someone.

    You can have more fun (and doing theright thing) by giving the real Peter Watson the heads up, pointing him to this thread and watching what happens. He will be furious.
  13. maybe a load of us should e mail the real Peter Watson and ask him about the money. He will be annoyed and may chase things up himself. A solicitor working for free :)
  14. I was wondering if any one knew this bloke who sent me an email last week. If so , it may be a good time to tap him for drinks.