Have just received a phone call from someone claiming to be a representative from the company that deals with my mobile phone insurance. He basically told me that the insurance was going to be cut to half price. Good news - though a little iffy. Not sure the actuaries would suddenly say that they were recommending charges 100% over the odds. He said it would be a one-off payment of £69.99 and which card would I like to pay it on. I asked for it to be sent to me in writing and he replied that they didn't send out any written details, to which I said that I didn't want to pay out 69.99 in one payment, but would prefer to pay it in monthly installments. At this point he put the phone down on me. I presume this was some sort of scam and not just some telesales person getting p*ssed of at yet another awkward bugger. Thought I should let people know just in case.....
I have recently had a call from 'the company you got your mobile phone from'. He was reading from a prepared script, and speaking very quickly, but the premise was basically that I could upgrade to a (insert gucci handset name), on a brand new tariff, and all for an 'admin fee' of only £99!

He said it was a one-time offer and nothing was being sent out in writing because it was so secret. When asked for his name and the company name he hung up.

At the weekend I received 3 emails, all from different addresses, purporting to come from 'A&A Group', and stating that I may have been approached by 'Chipped Insurance' who are evidently credit card scammers. The email says the police are involved, but I am invited to phone A&A to tell them of my dealings with Chipped Insurance. Needless to say, neither company can be found in any search. I suspect that this is another scam, where calling the number will either lead to a request for credit card info (for confirmation), or an attempt to sell non-existent insurance. I am tempted to ring the number (from work), just to see if there's a Nigerian on the other end....
ViroBono said:
I am tempted to ring the number (from work), just to see if there's a Nigerian on the other end....
The guy who rang me sounded english - but he had a weird accent and sounded like a right smarmy tw@t. Not sure that would be much help to the police though.
This is what I do:

(A)If I think that it's a scam or it's telesales/cold calling, I always ask them to hold the line while I turn the bath water off then I leave the phone for 10 mins and hang up. They are paying for the call :)

(B) If I've run out of Jack Daniels....I say, are you cold calling & trying to flog me something...they say, yes....I say, f*ck off then.

(C) er..... thats it

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