Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Flip_Flop_the_Gog, Apr 22, 2004.

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  1. I was up in London for a meeting this morning and whilst waiting for a tube on Baker Street Underground a well dressed middle aged black guy in a suit and overcoat (he sound like he was from Nigeria) approached me an said:

    " I am very sorry to bother you but I am travelling to Stansted Airport and I have lost my money......"

    I cut in and said:

    "I have heard this one before" (I don't think BA fly from Stansted)

    He relied:

    "No No I have my passport and ticket right here"

    and produced a passport and a British Airways ticket holder and passport.

    I said:

    "I am not interested"

    Whereupon he walked off in a huff.

    Has anyone else experienced this or similar scams, it would be interesting to hear your stories.
  2. Glasgow. Waiting at Queen's St. Station.
    Was approached by an obviously drunk Ned, with what I can only describe as a girl at his side. He asked me whether I had any money, because they couldn't afford to get home. Bollox! They evidently lived in Glasgow, so I said no.
    At this point, he changed his tactic and said, "Well have you got any money for food." At this point, and just for dramatics, the female ned pipes up with, "Please! I'm so hungry." I said, "If I didn't have any money to get you home, I'm not going to have any for food am I?"
    Ned looks angry, Macks fears getting punched, but luckily he walks off. In case you think I'm a heartless bastard and they were probably genuinely hungry and needed to get home, when I got back into Queen's St. two weeks later, they were there again pulling the same scam.
  3. I think Flips comments are directed solely at Nigerian's, who seem to be hell bent on trying any scam going to line their pockets with moola. My mate flies to Port Harcourt in Nigeria once every so often. There are even fake taxi drivers at the airport, ready and waiting to whisk newly arrived tourists off to the nearest dark alley for a bit of heavy handed mugging. And if your taxi driver is genuine, then maybe the cops that pull him over may not be. Scammer’s even dress in coppers uniforms and pull over unsuspecting drivers and sightseers again to dish out ‘fines’. Lovely country. Lovely people. God fearing, apparently.
  4. No, not just them, everyone.

    What I didn't mentioned was a young and impressionable teenager I had the same scam pulled on me except that time it was a white guy and he needed money for a ticket home. What threw him was I told him I didn't have any money either, which was true!, and off he went.

    It was only a while later I realised he was trying to con me...........ah those were the days.
  5. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Had a guy approach me whilst getting back in my car in a multi-storey in Cambridge and tell me that he had run out of petrol and could I lend him a couple of quid to buy some.

    Not a problem mate I replied, opened my boot and tried to hand him the 5 litre can that was therein.

    He seemed quite taken aback and I don't think it was because of my unashamed generosity. :wink: No my car is unleaded he replied (the can was red, had it for years).

    That's ok too then mate, says I, it contains unleaded petrol.

    He then completely lost his composure and wandered off muttering something about his car actually being leaded and thanks anyway.

    Couple of days later the local rag comes out and there's a big piece about these scammers going round all the car parks in the area.

    My initial thought was - What a Wankah! My second thought was - Why didn't I think of that? :D
  6. I was recently approached by a tracksuit-clad female near a shopping centre. She told me her car had broken down nearby, and she needed money for a taxi to get home. She was waving a huge bunch of keys for effect.

    I suggested that she should approach the two Police officers who were just inside the shopping centre, so that her car would not be clamped. Exit the scammer, suddenly taking great interest in her mobile phone.

    Since then I've seen her several times, waving her keys at people in the same place.
  7. Scam warning...

    I hate these warnings and normally never forward them, but this one is

    Please tell this to everyone to stop them being scammed.

    If a man comes to your front door and says he is conducting a survey and asks you to show him your arse, do not show him your arse.

    This is a scam, he only wants to see your arse.

    I wish someone had told me this yesterday, now I feel so stupid and cheap.

  8. I had the same Nigerian/Stansted scam tried on me on a tube platform - Gloucester Road I think - where they only have lifts and a long, long spiral staircase to get out of the Picadilly Line bit. The Nigerian gave me all the patter and asked if I could help; I told him:

    'I'm a Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan Police' (little white lie, obviously).

    At which point he took off like a rat up a drainpipe and, rather than waiting for the lift, I could hear him running at full tilt up the staircase.

  9. By coincidence there's a short piece in The Hamburger Morgenpost today about a Nigerian scam.
    Apparently a South African was conned into shelling out $100000 to help finance the return to earth of Nigeria's first (and obviously very publicity shy) astronaut who's been stranded alone in a Russian space station since the collapse of the USSR, of course said astronaut being extremely rich to boot would reward all contributers to his safe return generously.
    Some people will believe anything :lol:
  10. do you have an address to send donations to? we have to help get this man back to earth!! Sod the reward, lets get him home!!
  11. This bloke comes up to me and says,"You know that babiesarm, yeah? Well, you should see the arrse on that!" :wink:
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Amsterdam 2003

    Mr Happy has wallet, loose cash, flight tickets and passport in his go-bag that he rests on top of big suitcase. Lights Marlboro light and waits for train - platform is reasonably crowded. Thieving North African Scum No.1 approaches and says something quietly to me from 2 or 3 meters away, I can't hear and naturally take a step closer to hear better, he's asking if the tube train that has just arrived is going to the airport and all the while backing up towards it whilst not speaking loud enough but engaging me in conversation - I am automatically following to hear better what he's saying. After only a few seconds of this I decide that he's too stupid to talk to and turn back towards my bags just in time to see 6' 6" tall TNAS2 making off with my go-bag. Before I can start to pursue this tiny Dutch bird about 21 years old tries to grab my go-bag back and the TNAS2 releases it and before I can blink TNAS1 & 2 are both on the tube and gone.

    Beware strangers, you can't trust them - especially if they are from Africa. Or is that just really really bad and I shouldn't say it?
  13. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    Theres a bloke in London, think they call him Ken something or other, anyway he pulls off an amazing scam every day, he charges people money to drive in to town to go to work, fake cameras the lot 8O........fcuk wish I'd thought of it.
  14. Mr H's reminiscence reminds me that I was almost a victim of the same thing at Amsterdam Centraal Station just after Christmas. Luckily the future Mrs VB lived in Holland, speaks fluent cloggie and can spot a TNAS at a 1000yds. Several phrases of cloggie, at the TNAS in front, rapid fire, go on! was most effective. The police there regularly tour the platforms advising tourists to watch out for this kind of thing.

    The other Amsterdam scam is the fake taxi. Apparently, many recent raghead arrivals drive around in unlicensed, uninsured Mercs with taxi signs and photocopied taxi permits, targeting tourists.

    When we arrived, we got in a taxi at the station and asked to go to the Hotel Krasnapolsky (only about 500m, but TFMrsVB's luggage for a weekend requires a major log effort); the driver spoke neither English or Dutch, and had to use satnav to find one of the best-known hotels in Amsterdam. On arrival the doorman f*cked him off big style after he tried to charge us 50 Euro!
  15. In my regiment we never abbreviated, probably becuase we were too stupid to remember what all the Three Letter Abbreviations (TLAs) stood for............................What is a TNAS, Thieving...........??????????