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Scam phone calls

The occasional scam phone calls I have been getting have most recently been of the synthspeech I-speak-your-weight machine variety. I can only conclude that the Brians, Kevins and Susans from call centres in Bangalore have become tired of being told loudly to f*ck off accompanied with some choice racial epithets.

How can anyone be taken in by a robotic ansaphone message?
A COVID scam caller from Bill in India the other day so I played along;

Bill - "Have you had any family affected by COVID"
Me - "Why yes, I have had two close family members die from COVID"
Bill - (in a very cheery voice expressing no commiserations) - "Ok, and have you got COVID too?"
Me - "Yes"
Bill - (cheery voice again) "So how are you now?"
Me - "not too good really, I got blood poisoning from the disease and so had to have both legs and one arm amputated"
Bill - "ok, have you thought about installing the COVID app on your smart phone?"
Me - "well it is very difficult to install anything now as I only have one hand"
Bill - "and who provides you medical cover and how is that helping you with COVID?"
Me - I would have to check with my probation officer as I have recently been released from prison and like anyone on license for murder I have to let my probation manager manage these things for me"
Bill - "Can you ring them and ask them then?
Me - "Well they are closed now so why don't you ring back tomorrow?"
Bill - "Ok then, bye"

and I haven't yet heard back from him.


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My first one this morning took the form of a message telling me how BT are going to cut my phone and internet off unless I phone . . . . . . At this point I put the phone down because I use Vodafone.
Had the same -- an automated message telling me that there had been "unauthorised activity on my BT account ...." and that was all I heard as the phone went down at that point. We're with EE.

My oppo in work got one a couple of days ago offering him a Covid vaccination for "only £250+VAT" from someone with an Indian accent. Money to be paid up front ....


Scam text , Someone has attempted to access your PayPal account from a different device. Click on link to check.
I do not have a PayPal account.
Amazon one this afternoon after I said really for the 4th time he hung up
On the other hand I had a call from Affinity Water.
A recorded voice on my voicemail told me it was a courtesy call and not to worry. However I have had a couple of these calls apparently from them so thought I would get to the bottom of it.
Rang the number I already had and low and behold I owe them nearly £300 because they forgot to take the direct debit.
Their next step was a debt collection agency, not to worry my arrse!


A couple of weeks ago the Mrs received a call purporting to be from Lloyds bank saying that someone had tried to order a delivery pizza in Glasgow. We are North Staffordshire. She checked her online account and sure enough there it was but it had been refused. The caller was on line with her for around 45 minutes until I came in and told him lock the account then I will call local branch in the morning. The Mrs had a hissy fit with me saying he was only trying to help. We then had a argument for several minutes while bloke was on the phone. In the end I just took her phone off her and told him to lock the account.
The next day Mrs rings Lloyds sure enough it had been a scam call and they were trying to buy time and get information out of her.
Needless to say Mrs Wheel was very embarrassed that she had been taken in.


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Our more recent scam callers include:

Amazon dodgy dealings
Inland revenue are going to arrest me
My broadband has been used for illegal activities
I've apparently been injured in a traffic accident

All, of course, total bollocks. But it can be fun to play with them if it's a real person instead of a robot.
You lot make me feel jealous, I never get any scam phone calls. I do however get scam emails, the last one was from Martina, she told me that she had something hot for me. Well I've got something 6 inches long, hot and hard for her
a gun barrel.
I just had a phone call from Tokelau.
I did not answer.
Do they have phones in Tokelau.?
Was it a scam do you think?


Looks nice, if you like that sort of thing.
Seem to get them every 3 days, had about 7 on Tuesday..........

I reckon that must be how long it takes for the filthy scumbags to go through the entire population of the UK
Probably posted this before, but it's still good:



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Probably posted this before, but it's still good:

I used to use that clip when teaching call centre staff - admittedly we didn't do cold calls, only call clients back and arrange engineer visits, it was a good excuse to play some amusing videos


I had to look where it is. Very interesting country. The satellite dish in the picture is for all their internet/comms etc.
What I dont quite understand is how the domain extension .tk is the third most popular in the world?
It's because they're free...

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