Scam NI Vets Site?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by Jumpmeister, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. I have a mate who was a Chunkie.....(well, some of us really need friends). :D
    He phoned me up this afternoon with a really interesting story. Seems that the NI Vets Association, (they put on the Op Banner Parade in London last year), have a copycat site that has almost the same email address as they have, and even call themselves the same, except have Ltd on the end.
    Anyway, Chunk joins them by mistake. Nothing inside, just one guy ranting on and on. So suddenly Chunk is banned. He complains, they let him in again, then ban him once more. This time, when he complains, they start asking him for personal details, phone numbers etc, to 'verify his account'.
    Quite rightly he gives them the old heave-ho. This seems like a scam targeting vets. :x :x
  2. Why would anyone target vets? OK, so they weren't good enough to finish med-school, nor even indeed were they intelligent enough to become dentists but, as a nation of animal lovers, surely we owe a debt of gratitude to our vets? Any organisation targeting them is, in my opinon, scum.

    James Herriot would be spinning in his grave.

    I shall now fetch my hat and coat and bid you goodnight Sirs! :)
  3. As a member of the 'OFFICIAL' NIVA site admin team I can say that we aware of the scam site.
    It was indeed us that, alongside the MoD, organised the St Paul's service and us that hold a Service of Remembrance each year at the National Memorial Arboretum.
    Please don't be fooled by this other site calling themselves by our name, believe me they are not, they are just a couple of disgruntled ex-members.
    You can visit our site at

    Our Service of Remembrance details are shown below.

    Northern Ireland
    Veterans' Association
    Service of Remembrance

    National Memorial Arboretum
    11.30am Saturday 12th September 2009

    This years service will be held in the amphitheatre which is situated to the rear of the chapel, guests are therefore requested to dress for an outdoor service. The service will be followed by a parade down to the Ulster Ash Grove for the laying of wreaths. The parade will form up for march off at 12.15pm by the Polar Bear near to where the train for the AFM departs.

    Following the laying of the wreaths, there will be a 15 minute pause before the parade forums up for the return march to the visitor centre during which the guest of honour will take the salute.

    The service is open to all and all associations are welcome to parade their standards. It would be appreciated if Associations arranging for groups of their members to attend could notify us of numbers and confirm if their standard will be parading.

    A reception desk will be manned just inside the conference room and we will be only too pleased to give you any assistance or answer any questions.
    If you have considered joining us, you can bring your documents with you and have a chat with our membership secretary.
    Membership is open to all those who served the Crown in
    Northern Ireland: Military, Police or Prison service.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our annual memorial service

    For further information please contact us via: or visit our website at:
  4. Veterinary surgeons training is longer and more detailed than a medical practitioners, since they have to cover more species. Also, whilst Vets are allowed to treat humans and carry out minor surgery on them, Docs are not licensed to treat animals or do surgery on them.

    Oi, you've taken my coat. :x
  5. This plays into my belief that Doctors should really be called "Biological Engineering Technicians", the overblown cnuts - If they were REME, they'd still be CL2, CL1 for consultants. Maybe.
  6. At my old Rugby club one of the members was known as Ivor the stitch. He would do all the stitching after the games. I was a member for 2 years before I found out he was a vet.
  7. Well, what do you expect? Vets are more experienced at treating hairy arrsed rugger buggers than GPs are. Afer all, they are a different species to normal humans.