Scam email

On checking my mail a few minutes I received the following email. anyone else get it ? and no I have not bothered sending a witty response. Can't be arrsed.


I'm writing this with great grievance . I'm presently in Barcelona,Spain. with my Family for a short vacation and we're stuck...And really it was unannounced. We were attacked by four armed robbers on our way back to the hotel where we lodged.we were robbed and completely embarrassed.

All our cash,credit cards and cellphone were stolen. We've reported the incident to the embassy and the Police but to my dismay they seem not bothered...their response was just too casual.Our flight leaves in few hours but We've got to settle our bills before We're allowed to leave....Now am freaked out....Please I need you to loan some money,I promise to refund you as soon as I'm back home. All i need is $1,650 .. Please Let me know what you can do?Write me back so I can tell you how to get it to me..



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Just write back and tell that you can do "FUCK ALL" :)
You cant be arsed to respond yet you post it on here?
In that case I cant be arsed to reply.
Just write back telling him that all his prayers are answered. You are a Nigerian bank manager. One of your customers has croaked leaving $123,456,789.10 in their account and nobody has claimed it. All Edward has to do is send his bank details, PIN number and mother's maiden surname and you'll do the rest.
It's ok Shaka don't worry about it, he was on to me earlier on and I sent him the money,seems a genuine case to me.
The bloke has my sympathies. I spent 3 months working in Barcelona in 1992. I was stitched up on hotel expenses and had to find the cheapest accommodation available.

Only after 3 weeks did I find out that I was renting a room in a brothel. (I should have guessed when I saw that the room rates were "por hora", "por noche", "por semana".)

Three fucking months and not one customer...
Responding in any way, even with scathing, witty repsonses, just confirms that your e-mail is "live". Same with "unsubscribing" from unsolicited e-mail offers. You just get more. I received one of these purporting to come from a good friend. He was sitting beside me in a pub when it arrived. He assured me he didn't want any help apart from another bottle of Chang. His e-mail address book had been hijacked.

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