Please be aware of the above (so called) company, who are contacting people (myself included) via jobsites such as Jobsite / Monster etc, with offers of employment seemingly chosen at random. Part of the application process will involve you sending them your bank details, in order to work as an "Operations Clerk" from your own home. Doesn't take the brains of a rocket scientist to realise what happens next.

The real Harsco have put this alert on their homepage

Important Notice from Harsco Corporation:
We have recently become aware of a website, Harsco Business Consulting, and related company names Harsco, llc and Harsco Business Consulting. Representatives of these companies are contacting people and asking for bank account information in connection with offers of employment. Our company, Harsco Corporation, is in no way affiliated with Harsco Business Consulting, Harsco Business Consulting, Harsco, llc or their activities. Harsco Corporation would never contact you in this manner or ask you for any such information, and we are exploring our options regarding what we believe to be improper use of the Harsco name. If you have been contacted by anyone claiming to be acting on behalf of any Harsco entity, please let us know at

Be careful out there.
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