Scaleys sponsor page for Combat Stress

Oi you lot!!

Just noticed that Scaley (who is doing the Combat Stress run as a CFT!) has had, to date, the square root of Fcuk All.

His sponsorship page is HERE.

Considering the work that Combat Stress do or are willing to do on OUR behalf, tis a bit of a bad drill that he hasn't got any muller yet.

I am willing to put my money where my mouth is and even though I am already sponsoring GoatMan, I have started the ball rolling on Andy's page.

Just drink 3 less pints of wifebeater tonight and chuck the man some money.

Personally I think that as he is voluntarily running a CFT, he actually needs the services of a mental welfare society :)


You're welcome, but you should change pubs - your wifebeater's overpriced!

Seriously, it's an excellent charity, and I'm happy to support it.

Best wishes

Hands in pockets guys : this is officially a good cause.
No probs.
My pleasure

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