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Scaley by Pete Molloy and the BNP

I met in a Liverpool pub by accident 3 or 4 years ago and unfortunately saw him in Newcastle a few weeks ago. Yes, he was wearing his medals and he did hand me a BNP leaflet.


It's one of the main reasons I don't come onto arse much.

I am sure that Molloy is a real numbscull. And no, I do not support the upper class twerp Griffin nor the BNP.

But far too many ex-forces really are numbsculls when it comes to politics, and just what is happening to this country.

We are ruled by traitors, and we have been invaded.

And that is why we have lads still being killed in action in places we should not be, because of new world order (NWO) stooges like Cameron and Blair.
Were you answering an voice in your head with this post....what is one of the main reasons you dont come onto Arrse...

1. Crafting Tinfoil deflectors
2. Because of ex-soldiers handing out BNP leaflets in Newcastle

Being as you dont come on much, I will check back next year for your response. Unless of course the NWO stops me.

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
He appears to be ginger. That help?[/QUote}

They have special places for them now !
I accidentally came across a extract of his book on a Gulf War Veterans Site. Utter bollocks, I know I was there, totally inaccurate.
I was with him at 3ADSR I was ACC attached.

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I served with him back in 1990 at 206 Sig Sqn - 6 Armd Bde in Soest, He was in my troop (A1) probably stayed with the squadron until early 1992 before he transferred out, I do have a sneaky suspicion that he was sent down from 3 Div after getting into a spot of trouble so we ended up with him? I don't ever remember him being very open about his beliefs at this point but my memory is a little hazy and to be honest I didn't really want anything to do with him.

Why any guy would want to transfer to the infantry who couldn't pass a BFT is beyond me, I seem to recall that he spent a long time on remedials so when he told us that he was transferring a lot of guys just laughed and expected to see him back in the squadron in a few weeks time.
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