Scaley by Pete Molloy and the BNP

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Following on from this current affairs topic anyone know more about Peter Molloy?

    Current affairs topic
  2. He appears to be ginger. That help?
  3. Do the BNP have a view on that?
  4. I was more interested in his self promotion, writing a book about being in the Corps, the liverpool branch of the British Legion his membership of the BNP and the accusations that he is a searchlight spy.

    He sounds "interesting".
  5. He's wearing a Royal Signals Association badge. Usually for current or ex-members of the Corps. He looks like a phoney, given his Kingos blazer badge, but I can't be sure.
  6. His face appears to have been made from play-dough by an educationally sub-normal child of about ten.


  7. [​IMG]

    Are you trying to say he's from Trumpton?
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  8. He also appears to be wearing pink lipstick. Is that mandatory in fascist organisations or is that the remnants of a weekend social activity?
  9. In Germany a long time ago, they used to call them the Brownshirts!
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  10. He was at the RSA weekend last year. Was trying to sell his book like he was a big issue seller.

    He got really drunk and was an utter bellend. So probably fits in quite well with the BNP.
  11. Watched the youtube video. Is the book called scaley or scalley? No explanation why the Kingo's blazer and RSA membership.

    Look at the comments under the youtube vid. He has published this book himself and has a house full that he can't shift. No wonder he was so desperate to punt them last year.

    Looking at the other media mentioned above, he is a plumber, author, voiceover artist and political sh1tstirrer. Me thinks he is looking for his 15 mins and instant cash. How many times do you think he auditioned for Big Brother?
  12. Too many badges.
  13. And not one of them a Robertson's Golly. Bad show.
  14. Molloy was at 3 ADSR in Soest in the early 90's, he rebadged to Kings for what reason i don't know. A lot of his friends on Facepest are my friends from that era, i do know his nickname back then was Nazi Pete, he hasn't changed a bit from what i know. He's also been very active with fathers for justice, and he was on Granby. Apart from that, i remember him, but never associated with him. If the rumours are true, he has a Thai bride, which made me let a little piece of wee out...twat.!/pete.molloy1?ref=ts his photos are unlocked, laugh away!