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Scale Link 1:32 Dennis 3-ton W.O Subsidy Truck

In the early 1900s the British Army began considering the ways that motor transport could be used during a large-scale war. It was recognised that motor transport would enable the British Army to move troops very quickly. In 1911 the War Office were laying down plans for a demanding specification to ensure ease of production of a reliable transport pool. This strategy was for acquiring motor transport in an emergency. An annual fee of £15 was to be paid for each lorry registered with the British Army. By 1914 this fee had been increased to £110.

When war was declared in August 1914 a total of 1,200 lorries were acquired by the Army. One of the most successful lorries used by the British Army was the Dennis 3-Ton Lorry. The four-cylinder, White and Poppe, 40 hp engine enabled the lorry to reach 55 mph. Even when loaded, it could climb gradients as steep as 1 in 6. Over 7,000 Dennis 3-Ton lorries were built and used during the First World War. The general format of this Lorry remained largely unchanged for almost 15 years - a testimony to the reliability of it's design and manufacture.

Scale-Link Ltd.

The company have been a market leader in the supply and distribution of quality white metal and resin model since their founding. They were formed by an architectural and landscape designer in 1952 and have supplied Railway Modellers, Military Modellers (both World Wars) and professional architectural Modellers.

Scale Link supply an extensive range of figures, cars and vans in 1:76, 1:72, 1:43 1:35 and 1:32 scales. They also importers of Shinohara track in HO, HOn2.5, HOn3, HOm, SN3, and N gauges.They hold an extensive range of accessories in gauges from Z to O and larger. MTH trains appointed dealer. Also Duncan Models, S&D + Phoenix, Omen figures, Preiser and lots more. Many of their 1/35 and 1/32 scale kits are not available from other suppliers, which makes them one of the premier suppliers of Military Modelling kits.

The Model

The kit arrives in a typical Scale Link brown cardboard box measuring 8" x 5½" x2½". The box-art consists of a wrap over label with one three-quarter front photo of the truck. The contents consist of 131 white metal parts, a sheet of decals - sufficient for at least five different trucks, a small sheet of photo-etched brass, several lengths of thin wire and a sheet of lead foil for the canvas tilt.

Instructions for the kit cover two sides of an A4 sheet and appear as photocopied, type-written sheets. There are no diagrams to work with! A second A4 sheet has a parts inventory in an exploded diagram format. Nice and clear, but not big on detail. On the reverse of the second sheet is a diagram showing placement of the decals and how to fix the PE detailing. I suggest downloading as much info on the truck for reference purposes. Scale Link have also thoughtfully included a template for cutting out the lead sheet. It's nothing to get excited about, just another photo-copied A4 sheet of paper!

After inspecting all of the parts, some of which were bent, I have to say that the moulding was pretty good, clear and sharp with only a minimum of flash. There didn't appear to be too many mould lines and, thankfully, no mould release pin marks. There are one or two sink holes on the engine block but nothing a good blob of filler won't sort out. I noticed that the front axle stubs are phosphor-bronze for strength, so I would recommend a two-part epoxy resin for gluing up. My own personal choice is Araldite Rapid or Gorilla two-part. Don't be tempted to use a cheap glue as they do not work!

From what I've seen, this should make up into a tidy little model. There are, however, some important drawbacks to consider;
1. This is a Kit for an expert and will not be completed in a day!
2. Retailing at over £100.00,this is a considered purchase.
3. The instructions leave a lot to be desired and are seriously lacking in detail.
4. Being white metal, parts bend easily. They also break!
5. The decals are old water-slide type and very fragile.
Considering the retail price of this kit, I think a lot more thought could have gone into the instructions and the packing of the kit pieces. Usual moan about a driver figure, figures lend verisimilitude to vehicles. The model could also use a load.

On the plus side; The vehicle is one that has been needed for a while, albeit a re-hash of a 1987 kit! There are far too few British Trucks out there. I can see this as a centre point of a small diorama or maybe a plinth-mounted stand alone model. Either way, with patience and a decent paint job, this could be a show-stopper.

Conclusion - disappointing contents but can be remedied.

Rating: With better instructions and decals, 4 out of 5. At present, 2 out of 5.


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