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Hi this is not a whinge but a genuine enquiry. Is there such a thing as a scale A parade? In that there is a document pertaining what classes a scale A parade and any rules that are in force regarding it. If a CO determines a scale A parade can all and sundry at the unit be recalled from all corners of the globe?

Or as I suspect a military slang term for all available men to turn up for a parade.

This is not a whinge, just that I am interested in the history of it, I have to write an essay regarding it for reasons best known to the Adjutant. Been writing lots of essays lately. If I wanted to learn how to write I would have done selection.

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My last place were big on "Scale A" parades, though it's never written on orders as a Scale A parade, simply that all members of the unit are ordered to attend. I've never heard the term used in my parent unit.
The way Crow describes it, it sounds just the same as CO's parade. Which is obvisouly where everyone below the CO attends, i.e. the whole battalion. Similar to Muster parade and OP wideawake (I think, can't remeber what the other is called)
It is an older form of the ot O Gp, R Gp etc.

Scale A - Everyone in the Unit.
Scale B - Everyone in the Unit minus the Officers/essential staff.
Scale C - and on down the list.

Some units carry it on, some don't. Bit like the Parlimentary version the 'three line whip' or two or one.
I've heard both terms "Scale A" and "Scale X" used under different capbadges and it comes to the same thing, everyone under command and in station is required.
I'm sure in Tim Collins books, he mentions parading the BG for a "Scale Z" parade, which was later explained to be everyone except those on sentry duty at the time, for his big speech.
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