Scaffolding in Arborfield

Discussion in 'REME' started by VMechA, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. Looking through the museum windows today I saw scaffolding around the nearest block to the guardroom - anyone know that if money is being spent this late in the day on buildings the move to St Athen is slipping back again?
  2. Well the move isn't planned until 2014 I think so th estate wont be allowed to rot over that period hence that building being sorted out. Think its going to become a Garrison Library and some sort of youth club for local kids!
  3. Maybe some money will be spent on the Sgts' mess then, but I doubt it :)
  4. I think you will find that the building will have to be handed back in the same configuration that it was taken on. One company I worked for spent thousands doing this only to see the landlord have the site bulldozed and a new building erected in its' place.
  5. They are no doubt individually numbering the stonework, so that it can be disassembled and then reassembled at St Athans?
  6. Where does it say that? Im sure those blocks weren't there when Hazebrouk was built. What happens then?
  7. Are they really about to hang the whole of REME?

    Did I miss the show trials? Damn! :twisted:

  9. They arnt letting the place rot????
    have u been there lately!!
  10. Is there much of SEE & TBDR left still now ?
    Was thinking to pop back and have a look at what is still there, browsing these forums has brought a lot of memories back.
  11. Do you have to challenge me on every thread? Yeah I am there, Im there right now, wont take much to find out where I am either - dont feel the need to hide behind anonymity.

    You've said you are an artisan blackhand on your last posts, how come you know so much about Arbors or are you just trying to be the next imaginary dog handler who thinks it funny to corrupt every bit on this forum cos you are sooooo funny?
  12. BV, there is still a lot of Arborfield that is intact from when I first got there in 91, pop on by, the museum is pretty good and who knows you may just get a chance to see inside the wire and take a trip down memory lane.
  13. Cheers, was thinking to do just that but the GF is Swedish and I know the MoD get's a bit funny with non-brits around, will probably pop along anyway and see what happens.
  14. Where is the challenge!!!!!
    Not all vms etc went through Bordon first, i was an AT.
    what is that monstrosity ruuning through the centre of camp
    look at the signs above the gym and the camp HQ, they cant even be bothered to replace the missing letters.
    Check out my other thread on the SGTs mess to c.
  15. Leave her in the Brams whilst you do a recce - she'll be OK... 8)