Scafell Pike walk with dog

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Hexitele, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. I want to do it, the dog wants to do it. However when I've looked for advice on the best dog friendly routes I only seem to find people who think dogs are the anti Christ.

    So, he's a good dog, he's more likely to run away from than attack sheep, just concerned about the underfoot. Anyone got any tips?
  2. Just do it, however use a leash, else your worse than Hitler.
  3. Keep it on a lead. Cumbrian farmers still shoot first.
  4. Keep the hound on a lead until you are clear of the lower slopes and stroppy ramblers. Once you gain a bit of height you should be ok to let it have a run provided it is well drilled. If there is any chance it'll worry sheep then there is a chance you'll be dogless on the way down.

    It is a dull summit though so don't get your hopes up.
  5. Go some where else. Scafell was great for dogs 20 years ago. Used to stay at Wasdale and do the walk. now It's like Oxford st.
    Exmoor ,malverns, dartmoor and the mendips are a better bet these days.
  6. Do it solo, and take lots of pictures to show your best friend. If he likes what you show him, you can take him next time.
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  7. Tbh I took my springer up there and it's not the best walk for dogs - too many people really ..

    If your going to do it, go up from seathwaite (sp) as its a nicer walk all together. Wasdale route isn't as fun IMO
  8. onerist
  9. Just thinking of the hound. You know how disappointed they can get when you drag them up to the top of a hill and there's cock-all for them to see.
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  10. Try helvelyn, plenty of ways up. I suggest going up sticks pass as its rarely used then down swiral edge then down through the whole in the wall. This way you avoid all mongs and can have the hund of the Leah more often than not!!
  11. Cheers for the advice folks...

    I've been walking for years and never done Scafell hence the urge to box off a trip up there (touch trig point, tick).

    I must say, not since getting my mutt have I realised how much walkers/farmers hate them. Seems a shame as my dim-wit is the stereotypical friendly dog. He rolls over to get his belly scratched quicker than the lib dems did at the last election.
  12. There's plenty of other walks you could attempt in the lakes that are much more dog friendly .. Sour milk gill is a good walk, helvelyn as mentioned as there's a good selection of routes up, blencathra isn't too bad and my mutt enjoyed it ..
  13. HHH

    HHH LE

    Dr Dolittle Walt!!
  14. Actually there is some truth in that. He's started picking up hi lead instead of his frisbee indicating he may want to go on a walk rather than a play on the field.

    He does try and eat his own shit every now and then so I'm not gonna read too much into his opinion.
  15. Agreed and probably a good route with a dog.