Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Englishspringer, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Anyone pm me with the contact details for the REME unit involved in training REME applicants for summer challenge? Asked around and no-one seems to know, they all think its the same unit as last year but seen nothing on it.
  2. Oh Oh, i can answer that one...infact no, i cant...

    the unit your on about is the only site in scotland that can train VM's, so if its not there... then there will be no new VM's coming off SC07.

    i shall pose the question (my spidey senses tell me the response will be, "make it happen")

    i know that answer is as clear as muck, will try and get you a clearer answer.

    just as an aside, if you have a Class 1 VM that can be borrowed for two weeks to help instruct the course then, i can see it running...
  3. Or do you mean as a recruit straight in through the door & not special to arm training, in the case of SC this STA, tends to refer to the 2 weeks spent at an ATR.