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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Mar 21, 2007.

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  1. Okay, SC 07 is upon us, we, 51(Scottish)Bde, are running extra TAFS2 weekends to cope with the expected influx, these dates should be on RTT desks by now, but just in case.....

    20-22 Apr
    04-06 May
    18-20 May
    01-03 June
    15-17 June

    Also any help from sub units will be gratfully(?) accepted.

    Go , you know you want to visit the Wonkey.
  2. Is the funding OK for this?
  3. Not trying to be cheeky but, if we say 'Could do with some more'. Will we get more funding. :plotting:

    Adding to what FF has said, Please don't leave all your recruits until the last Weekend. Could you also ensure that they can actualy PASS the RR Run. The norm of a recruit having a time of 11:45 on their TAFS1 Form. Then Strolling in at 19:26. Looks bad for the Unit and the recruit gets referred to a Doctor. Not exactly Morale Boosting for the recruit and it wastes our time and Units MTD's.
  4. The SC07 TAFS 2s, for the want of a better phrase, are running concurrently with our normal w/e & therefore no extra cost other than feeding, will be incurred, as to units sending instructors to assist, what are the drivers paid to deliver & collect them Day, Day & a half? so if the units can spring for that then surely an extra day isn't too much to ask, although no doubt the units, could claim recompense from the the bottomless coffers that SC07 will no doubt have if it bears any semblance to SC06.

    Spend less money producing fancy flyers & cards, are the age limits up to date? & more on the initial training & resources.
  5. Well That's that question answered. Summer Challenge 2007
    I know the changes don't take effect until 01042007 but they are currently advertising this event. Surely a bit of common sense says that the new age limits. Should be on the recruiting material, for an event which begins in June 2007. This may already be losing us recruits. :pissedoff:
  6. Your Scottish RFCA and Scottish soldier websites are so much better than all the others, and much better than the army jobs one. Just look at the difference between the photos and animation used.

    Serious kudos to whoever is involved in it - and can you tell them to start preading some best practice around the country!
  7. Agreed. The London RFCA site doesn't seem to have been updated since the invention by T Berners-Lee, Esq., of his Steam-Driven Ether-Traversing Intercontinental Networking Differential Engine.
  8. SS

    sorry this is off thread but whats this about age limits changing any info greatfull received
  9. That is shocking. And it doesn't appear as if its an isolated incident either....:S
  10. No, it isn't, as Sweats says it now leads to an interview, without Tea & biccies, infront of OC, 2ic & wing SM(RSM des), swiftly followed by RTU, don't come back unless in possession of doctors line saying you're fit to attend(am I correct in thinking that sweats?memory is shot) & train plus a snot-a-gram to oc unit involved. It makes the unit look bad & the team that send them.
  11. Yeah mate, 16 Mins and over and the recruit is refered to a doctor, for a medical assessment. The unit should then ensure that the recruit is up to the standard to return. Mind you if they had done it properly in the first place :frustrated:

    Unlike a certain Cloud Puncher unit who, after the recruit was RTU'd. Sent the said recruit for a medical, did'nt conduct a fitness assessment and sent the recruit to RTC. Where the recruit done an outstanding 2.4K run in the record breaking time of 21:26 Mins.

    Whilst the recruit has to carry the can for personal fitness, the unit should carry the can for the lack of management. This instance left the recruit with less morale than a one legged pigmy with genital warts.
  12. But sweaty i didn't think you ran the PFT anymore!!!!!!!!

    mmmmm Beeeeer!!!!!!
  13. But sweaty i didn't think you ran the PFT anymore!!!!!!!!

    mmmmm Beeeeer!!!!!!
  14. How is that possible?

    Surely even walking it would get you in under 20 minutes.