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Im sure some of the 51BDE types will find this interesting. The site looks nice and seems fun (even has a nice video clip), however there is a potential problem...Personal security, etc...

is there a problem?

ive taken the link out, as i dont want to start a witch hunt in the bde. do we have a problem with young soldiers who are proud of their service using blog websites and stating they serve H.M.?

Is the current education in personal security adequate?
I have removed my original post as the point has been made and heard, Fastmedic I have PM'd you and asked you to remove your paste of my original post.

No point giving this any more bandwidth than it has had already


Do you think this thread has run it's course and can now be moved??

Surely the 'Peace Dividend' negotiated with the Irish terrorists still applies? Therefore it can be assumed that there is only a threat to persec; as per 'Neu Liarbore' from everyone else.
dull thread...duller link...but 'Kirsty Webster' is worth a look at...
It's not just the TA doing this. I did a few searches on google after seeing this thread and found a page specifically for members of the Irish RDF (formerly FCÁ). I got the same impression from members of this group as people got from the links above.

Link to RDF bebo page


Also noted & with a personal interest, mind you she is right about Cupar, not so much a gene pool, more a puddle!

(Stands by with CBA on)
From what I have seen of the pictures, I do not think that they are anything for the chain of comd to be concerned about. In fact as MSR points out, the pictures are good advertising and show the breadth of activities that were undertaken. Furthermore, the video clip was broadcast on STV and is already in the public domain.

As for Wee_Mark's point about personal security, I hope that we can benefit from the NI peace dividend and there will be direction shortly on the wearing of uniform in public - which will feel very odd for many of us. In any case, we live in a world where you cannot buy a mobile phone without having a camera attached, if this sort of media is being shown from operational theatres then I think that we may find it almost impossible to stop.

All that said, I am sure that the QOY may have a different view of Cupar!!
I also could see no problem with the photo's or video, it was more the juvenile posts on some of the individuals home pages which cast aspersions on the TA and the ACF, there is enough mud flung at the TA without idiots who have been in for less than 6 months doing it themselves.

I'd like to hope that the CoC from both sides will be having a word with her in the near future and pray that she was not representative of the quality level of recruits generally on SC06.


this is more a PXR point, these individuals were never made aware of the fact that they were not supposed publicise the fact that they are in the TA. i certainly couldnt have dreamt the requirement for a lecture on PERSEC during SC.

it all appears to be harmless, lets hope it stays that way.
COS1SigBde said:
But how many are still in as asked on another thread

As at end of Dec 06, 96% of the 226 TA soldiers recruited by Ex SUMMER CHALLENGE were still serving members of the TA, of whom 89% can be classed as regular attenders. Two have already volunteered for operational tours and a further 6 IRs are in the pipeline for later this year (not including the larger tp/sub-unit commitments).

I am not aware of the "normal" retention rate, but feel that this is significantly better than the oft quoted but anecdotal 50% drop out rate that is normally experienced.


If that's true, then it is an amazing statistic.

It would be difficult for 96% to not be better than 50%.

Operational Tours within 6 months of joining? Ooer.


^That statistic sounds very good, I'd have gone on something like this when I joined. Its sounding like a brilliant idea
polar said:
^That statistic sounds very good, I'd have gone on something like this when I joined. Its sounding like a brilliant idea

you believe it?


Don't you?, I mean would PSAOs play a numbers game!

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