SC clearance

I have a question about SC clearance.

I've had clearance for 10 years or so, but accidently fell foul of the law, my company dismissed me and my clearance lapsed. got another job, they know all the details and happy for me to start. Applied for SC and going through the process, obviously i've told them everything. Got an interview with the DVA.

i know you want to know about my offence, so i shall tell you. Like some guys i liked looking at adult porn, i thought 16+ was ok, its actually 18+, i had 0.5% of my images classed as under 18 (there were 20 images in total), some were said to be under 16 too, but my lawyer said that it was subjective. The police confirmed i never went looking for these images, nor did i frequent those sort of websites either.

I would have got a caution, but the police made a a mistake, initially charging me for a more serious offence, which turned out to be wrong (i didn't argue because i never knew what they were referring too). The vast majority of the images were of the lowest level (about 75%), the rest were more serious, but because i thought they were ok, i never worried about having them because i thought they were legal in terms of age.

i got a 2 month suspended sentance for one year, a sexual offences prevention order, stops me look at porn on the internet (thats fine, once bitten and all that) i am also on the SOR for 5 years and have to attend a group fora few months.

My probation officer has said i am the least worst case he has come across and thinks my punishment is dispportionally heavy compared to my offense (in my opinion of being ignorant, although i don't and won't use it as an excuse, but hopefully an explanation).

i've only ever had a job requiring clearance and will struggle to get another job outside that relm. given the fact i have been up front and told everyone that needs to know incluidng family, friends, collegues, future employer (hopefully) and DVA, what is the likely hood of having my application for SC rejected? any views?
It might all depend on who has your actual case for review. If the case officer takes a risk management approach (rather than risk avoidance), and the probations officer/police involved back up what you've told us, then you may have a chance. However, the very fact that you are on the Sexual Offenders' Register may influence the DVA not to even start.
Thanks Lightning.

Well i think the DVA have started, because they are wanting to interview me???

but yes my probation officer is happy to back me and will be present during the interview. I know the local police have a similar view to my probation officer, but the police that did the investigation were down in London, they too agreed that it was more that i was a 'stupid fool' than a 'ominous preditor'

In terms of risk, if its subversion that's the risk, then i think i have partially mitigated that by telling 20+ friends, family and collegues, anyone who i could be blackmailed by knows. Plus numersous potential employers when i have gone for interviews.
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