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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Hmmmn, 250 places, we've only records of 111ish people doing TAFS2 specificaly for SC allowing for the Northern most units running their own TAFS2, it looks as if it's not as poular as last year.

    Or we're gonna be running around like blue arrsed flies the next 2 w/es, the second of which is purely TAFS 2.

    Could the lack of driving have anything to do with it?

    How about the arrive, go to accomodation, change for PT, do the PFT, Pass & stay on, fail & back on the bus, a good idea?

  2. Shame it wasn't a UK wide campaign.
  3. As someone who just did the TAFS2, finishing yesterday, with a group of 30 odd others, I can understand why numbers might be a bit down.

    I'm doing the SC myself, with another couple of lads from my unit, and having spoken to them (they did their TAFS2 a couple of weekends back), they said the same thing. It seems people are being sent to do their TAFS2 with injuries, or without any real knowledge of what is expected. After TAFS2 (which lets be fair, isn't that hard), a lot have said they probably won't do the SC now, as they would be able to cope... now that begs the question... why would the parent unit send these people to do their TAFS2 if they aren't ready? Also, 7 weeks is a fairly large commitment especially if you work, have a family etc. These kids have probably been bumming and blowing for weeks about the SC, and now they are away back home (if like me waking up pretty sore, courtesy of a 'generous' PTI), questioning as to whether they want to even stay with TA. If this is the case, why didn't their unit prepare them a bit better for the reality of military life?

    Meh, this is a rant and I'm on company time, but it is something I want to come back to...tbc
  4. Oh, on that.. personally it would be a nightmare, as we have to fly over with full kit, and the idea of doing the PFT after driving, faffing around at the airport, and finally getting to the RTC 5 hours later would be reason enough to have second thoughts.. but tghen I am a lazy bastard that would rather do drill all day than run 1.5 k :D
  5. Can I ask what is covered on TAFS2?
  6. Not got the CTP at hand but as per 1a, Drill of various flavours, PT RRR Sat & Circuits Sunday, Values & Standards, H&S, 24hr clock & phonentic alphabet Law of Armed Conflict, Pack/Prep of PLCE.

    I've probably left some stuff out.
  7. LOAC, SOLID C (Super 6), basic drill (and I mean stuff like about turn whilst marching etc), a 2.4 k run, circuit training (which involves doing all the required sit ups/press ups), a few class room jobbies about equality and diversity, military law.. Structures (24hr clock(yes, really!) And phonetic alphabet), Fieldcraft (health,prepare and pack CEMO).. and some more basic drill.

    In fairness to the Instructors, it is a good weekend, pretty well packed with all the things that need to be ticked, but like I alluded to above, it seemed to me that this may have been a real eye opener to what the army is about to quite a few younger ones, and was making them have second thoughts... which again makes me wonder what they did for TAFS1, and all the unit nights/weekends they have been previous.
  8. FFBOX am on weekend 6 this weekend coming will there be a weekend 7 for me before SC as am gunning to do my CIC in Inverness!

    My weekend 7 is due on the 29th of this month.

  9. Interesting point, I'll have to check with my higher & get back to you, it would make sense if there was, so there probably wont be!
  10. Iv just done TAFS1 with 15th Brigade at Ripon. I have TAFS2 This weekend. We had super 6 , H+S, Personal security, drill, 2.4k run, sit ups , press ups. Bit of piss. I imagen TAFS2 is the same rubbish. Now really, makes me think, instead of going all the way to ripon, getting tought by all arms ( instead of an infantry instructor) this all could have been done over 4 weeks at my drill center. The instructors didnt know what they were talking about when it come to drill. And they chatted up most of the girls , particuly two young girls about 17 ( looked 15), which created an unprofessional enviroment , i and we all felt like cadets.
  11. This is off topic, so I'll be brief. Instructors have to be very carefull with women and with ethnic minorities. While it might seem that they get off lightly in terms of beastings and 'dick' jobs you have to understand that the Instructors are pretty much fucked either way. While it would be nice to be equal to all and shitcan those not up to standard, the real world dosen't work that way.

    Chatting up the birds is completely off though.

  12. redrat, let's just hope that the RTC at 15Bde either don't read this site(unlikely) or don't click on as to who you are, despite them being valid points, did you get a de-brief or comments form to fill in?

    TA(BW)Stickie, yes w/e7 is on when you think it is, if you can get 3 weeks off there is a week CIC prep at SC07 prior to CIC which would be worth getting on, if you haven't already.

    BTW where's the video?
  13. Great, I'll take that up with my TAC, I'm not working at the moment so time off is not a problem. The video? He told me he had sent it lol Hes posted a small video on bebo tho


    Not sure if thats what your looking for?

    Cheers! :)
  14. I was supposed to be on TAFS2 at the weekend but being back out in the sandpit kinda buggered that up, hopin theres a weekend when i get back the end of june, but i'll not hold my breath

    Id have loved to have done SC.. but to be honest i can make in a week what they'd get for their 7
  15. I cant wait to get to that bit of my training!! great vid!