SC 07 in the beginning

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Jun 27, 2007.

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  1. Well, that's my parent Sqn sending the recruits off this Saturday & giving them the kit list last night! so they have lots of time to get the stuff. Some of them have only 1 pair of boots FFS, the hand out we give out prior to w/e 3, which I gave the SRTT about 3 weeks ago, they still haven't got, so their in for a fun time in the field, the postal address hadn't been passed on to them, some were still asking about the driving phase, or STA.

    Good man management skills displayed there boys, well done, nice investment in the future.

    No doubt I'll be getting all their moans when I get there.

    AND another thing.....where the Feck are all the instructors promised from other units?, looking at the main instruction there's an awful lot of spaces saying *insert unit name here.

    Don't people want to practice their instructor skills or the stuff learnt at Brecon?

    here's you chance to get some expierence(?)

    rant over.....
  2. I got my JIs for Ex Summer Leader today running in conjunction with SC07 I believe and on it they were screaming out to units to send any available instructors...doesn't bode well.
  3. Guess they're just building on last years phenomenal success!

    I also took in the platoon CTP for the complete SC, chances of the recruits getting them?
  4. Indeed...when I did TAOC many moons before it ran like clockwork. We had a core group of instructors and all the kit we needed. Seems RTC are trying to do too much at the same time.
  5. Not the RTC, 7Scots via brigade, we're only supplying the PRT & a few Instructors, we have had no input to the organisation, which is a good thing.
  6. I'm sure it will all fall into place and become a raving success or at least another sterling example of what not to do.
  7. Well due to a few contacts, I got a programme, and it turns out I know more than my unit does.. as for kit.. well lets just say there could be a fair bit of scrounging on Friday night.

    I did get two pairs of boots however :D
  8. Good luck FF Box!
  9. FF Box
    As soon as you see The Big Highlander Cpl with the Scar..say to him"has anyone told you you look like Meat Loaf?".....he'll love that..not...tell him I was asking for him..he's a good bloke...
  10. Hmmmn, a set up methinks..
  11. Tartan would that happen to be shrub by any chance!!!!!!

    FFBox might try and fit two or three days on SC this year providing i get the ok!

    Spoke to the bosses about it last night and they were a bit maybes aye maybes no!
  12. I'm going part way through, so everything SHOULD be sorted out & running almost smoothly.
  13. Clearly there is no need to train you for a commission as you have already done it all and will only be on SL07 to ensure that the DS do their job properly!!

    I look forward to meeting you!

    And as for you FFBox, get on with your work!!! :wink:
  14. FFBox!!! Pack your CBA!!! I have reason to believe The 'Lord of the Mongs' will be waiting on your arrival!!! :D

    ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!! + Balloons :) 8O :?
  15. I wonder if it's too late to put my name in for a Brecon course?