Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tabs, Jun 2, 2004.

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  2. Think they'll get an interview with the headshed without tea and biccies :lol:
  3. first rule of covert entry into spain is ALWAYS to have stuffed donkeys and sombreros in the cab. :wink:
  4. And a Times journo not knowing the difference between a Matelot and a Marine. As in:

    'Are you a Matelot?'


    'No, I'm a Marine.'
  5. and having copies of their ID cards in the newspaper - terrorists take note....copy....photoshop.....print. Jobs a goon un.
  6. cant have been that good if they were caught by the Spanish police!! :oops:
    maybe someone should be saying to these booties that they should have paid more attention in covert smuggleing class.
  7. Consent for weapons, yes but if this is about RIBs and Outboards, not weapons per se, it's making a mountain and mischief out of two Booties being pulled for forgetting to put their van lights on, methinks. I joined my last ship overseas with S10 in tow. It is military equipment as are my uniforms. I don't think the MoD / FCO needed to seek permission from the host nation. Join the next one in the UK, not Spain, phew! :wink:

    Coleman? A quick check of the Navy List fuels scepticism.

    So the big deal is?

    PaddyRAC wrote

    Spanish feds to blame for that I suppose. You'd think they'd know better after Madrid, March 11, not to mention all the ETA sh1t over the years.

    The Spanish police are only real muppets in this saga. And the Times journo.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    No, it's the two pillocks acting in a suspicious manner in a country which has just been hit with a terrorist spectacular.

  9. well said msr
  10. msr wrote

    Almost tempted to say 'fair one', only:

    From the Times

    So how suspicious were the Booties, really? Spanish imaginative mischief or a measured and appropriate response to two blokes (who should know better ) drawing attention to themselves by fitting the likely behaviour pattern of terrorists?

    If it is the latter, Smith and Athey can join the muppet show and msr has a 'fair one'.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    The clincher: they drove a van along the seafront in the early hours in an area frequently used by drug smugglers to land drugs brought across by powerboats from Morocco.

    The police patrol, judging by the way in which the van was being driven slowly and without its lights on, were suspicious, called for reinforcements and tailed the suspects.

  12. msr, I hear what you say :wink: but I'm selectively sceptical of a report from a UK journo in Madrid (not Malaga) mostly patched, translated and pasted from the newspapers of the paella eating surrender monkeys. The Spanish will do anything to discredit/embarass the UK in relation to Gib, and in particular, the Royal Marines, battle honour: Gibraltar.

    But I have seen Booties do some bone things! :oops:
  13. It seems the Dons have still not forgiven us for Cadiz.

    However, the Policia's recent fiasco involving footballers would indicate that they are somewhat given to being at home to Captain Cock-Up.
  14. typical spics ! :evil: