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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cuddles, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. I can confirm an SBS Walt has been terminated with extreme humiliation. There's a bloke comes into my local on Sunday afternoon's called Stuart. He has variously claimed to be independently wealthy (he lives off some rich Doris in fact), an Oxford graduate and recently a member of the SBS.

    On Sunday, while he was surrounded by his Doris and some mates, I nonchalantly leaned over and asked "Stuart, you'll be able to settle this one. What is the motto of the SBS?"

    Collapse of stout party...he's obviously going through some kind of internal "flight or fight" process and adrenalin is coursing through his system. He wriggles like a shot fox, sweat breaks out on his forehead and he grasps at some innermost brain-resource before coming out with "Who Dares Wins".

    He then adds some stuff about being in the Special Boat Squadron[/] to his mates. we laughed. He will not show his face for a while until in his Goldfish like memory he will have conceived we have forgotten this incident. Blimey we still remember when the Fenian Bride outed him on his preposterous claim to have been at Oxford!

    By stealth and by guile indeed...this was an easy Auswaltung but if he had done his research he might have survived. Is there a good counter-SBS Walt question for Advanced Walts? Something perhaps along the lines of "What colour is the MT shed at Poole?"... :D
  2. Ask him about what colour the toilet has at the 49 Para mess :wink:
    As we all know the SBS does a lot of training on 49 Para training grounds..
  3. Tis Purple, like a big purple BARNy the dinosaur.....
  4. Das Waltenkommando stikes again! Excellent!

    Pehaps; Who is the current manufacturer of the feared underwaterfightingknife scabbard?

    Clue; hasn't changed since first introduced (trialled by 49 PARA) in the Boer War (before the rinder pest)...
  5. You could just ask any SBS Walt what the name of the SBS Compound is?

    Though im not gonna say here either, but you can Pm me their answer i and will confirm whether they are SBS or Walt.
  6. What an arrse!

    everyone knows it's: Who Dares Swims!

    Mind you, what the motto has got to do with the Silly Buggers Society, I have no idea. Shouldn't it be something to do with being radished. :D
  7. Ahhh but how are we to know that you’re not the SBS walt? :wink:
  8. Bollix!!!

    It’s a well known fact that it’s: Row, row, row, your boat.

    You must be friends with Stuart :D
  9. a septic "SEAL" in my local needs outing - any suggestions for a few clinical questions?
  10. Yeah, ask him what SEAL stands for (It must stand for something, just check the Discovery channel before you ask)
  11. Do you really think that knowing what the compound is called will reveal whether they're SB or not?? FFS, all booties know what it is called and so do all matelots who've worked in support of them! That's a lot of people!!!

    It's not exactly hush-hush info either.....

  12. SEa Air Land.

    I fink!
  13. SEALs comes from the creative title of the being SEa, Air, Land Commandos.

    No prizes for guessing which came first, the acronym or something that would fit it.
  14. Quote:
    a septic "SEAL" in my local needs outing - any suggestions for a few clinical questions?

    Yeah, see iff he can stand on a large stripey ball and catch fish in his mouth.
  15. good drills for this! you got to take your hat off to him on this point.

    but back to topic, superb drills for outing him in top style in the best traditions of 49 Para ! :D