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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by countdokku, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. The UKSF Reserve Website has been updated. It now includes details of he SBS(R) Pre-Selection Course. This takes place over 4 days.
    Presuemably, succesful candidates will then go onto Joint SF Selection.
    The website says only those with previous military experiance need apply, but they do not sitipulate you must be Commando trained.
    I wish anyone who applies the best of luck; you will need it.
    The site also show the new SBS "Excaliber" badge.
  2. The details of ACFT 1 are incorrect, no?
  3. In what way are the details of Advanced Combat Fitness Test 1 incorrect?
  4. Dear Sapukay,

    When you turn up for selection TRY not to tell the DS that they got the details wrong - it might be a bit painfull.

    Just a thought

    Peace and Love
  5. 3.2km (2 miles) in 23.5 minutes (first 800m in 8.5 mins, remainder in 15 mins) carrying 25kg (now 20kg?) followed by representive military tasks is the current infantry ACFT 1, no?

    ACFT 2 being conducted over two days, the first phase being a 20km march with 30kg to be completed in 3 hrs 30 and the second phase being a 20km march (i.e. the route back) with 20kg to be completed in 3 hrs, followed by representative military tasks at each end?

    Sorry if incorrect, it's a hazy memory.
  6. I wonder how long it takes to get one of these guys fully trained?
    The Pre-Selection Course is 4 days. I believe regular SBS also have to do a Joint Special Forces Selection. If it's the same for Reserve Swimmer-Canoeists, they will have to do Selection along with 21/23 SAS, up to and including Long Drag or whatever they are calling it now.
    Then there is Continuation. Again, looking at the Regulars, it takes a year to fully train an SBS Marine. So it might be as long as 18 months for a reservist.
    A regular SAS trooper can pass Selection and Continuation in six months. In the TA, it takes about nine months.
    As I said in my first post: good luck to anyone who attempts it. I respect anyone who attempts Selection. Even if they fail, at least they had the bottle to try.
  7. Hmm..

    I understand that formerly SBS peeps used the 'normal' Marine green beret (the only difference being that SBS qualified marines would have an 'SC' on their dress kit.) If now non marines are now eligible for the SBS what colour hat would a successful applicant get? It obviously can't be green as they wouldn't have passed the commando course. Sandy? If so would current SBS staff have to change hats!? I doubt they'd like that.

    Any ideas?
  8. The-Viper,

    Non-marines have been eligible for the SBS for at least 8 years to my knowledge as I had an instructor (who was a royal navy commando and had his wings) in basic who failed SBS selection (1997). Generally speaking, and to the best of my knowledge, you wouldn't be allowed to go for selection unless you've done the AACC as this is the 'baseline' fitness and skills level. So the whole issue of not wearing the green lid wouldn't come into it.
  9. I see what you mean Viper. What if you were made to wear the green one and you had nothing that goes with green ? I look terrible in green, it makes my hips look big, could I wear something dark ? Wouldn't a good compromise for the hat to be sandy with green stripes ? Or would that be too much like burberry ? Honestly, it's a nightmare, no wonder they've got such a high failure rate, who wants to look stupid ?!
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  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The only SC embroidery I have seen on formal uniforms is the gold wire SC on a square for RM blues but that signifies that the wearer is an instructor in a Marine Cadets detachment of the Sea Cadets not a steely eyed killer....that would be half of the cadets.
  11. Hey, Hey chaps!

    It would obviously be an honour to wear either Marine Green or Sandy - and much respect is due to anyone who wears either (unless your initials are RD and you are in E sqn - obviously), but my point is and according to the SBS reserve website you don't have to be Commando qualified - otherwise they would have said so. It would be a bit harsh for an army bod that passes selection then to be told they have to do the AACC as well.

    My eyes would look better in a sandy hat, but most of my clothing is greenish, so I don't mind either way. The bit I got about the SC on the dress kit was from 'SBS' by John Parker, so I assume he's right.

    Peace and Love
  12. I read something on this, no you don't need to be cdo trained to do the course now and yes you will get a green lid.

    Don't forget that the sig of an army cdo is his dagger not the beret as they would lose it a soon as they post to another non commando unit, I remember a furour once at 17 (Depot) Regt RA when it was suggested that the commando and airborne personel shouldn't wear thier old unit berets as they were technically posted to 17, this of course went down like a lead balloon but the CO decided that unit attire (be it beret colour, RHA cap badges or even tartan slides) gave the feeling of family diversity
  13. Gold SC with laurel underneth is the RM Swimmer Canoeist Trade badge which can be worn on Lovet and Mess Dress. Yes this used to be the only way you could visually tell a member of the SBS (or even ex as this is a trade badge and can continue to wear it after leaving the service)

    I have no idea if an Army member of the SBS would get the same badge
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Ah, I missed any mention of the laurel as well. Just SC on a square background on blues and less dress is Sea Cadets.
  15. Okey Dokey,

    So it's a green lid, but - and stop me if I'm begining to sound ever so slightly obsessive and freaky - would it have the new SBS cap badge? They must have made it for a reason after all. If so would existing SBS marines have to change from their globe a laurel thingy?

    Yours Sincerely

    Confused from Cardiff.