SBS Port



You're bidding on a bottle of SBS port that I proffed from RM Poole last week. All proceeds to Hols 4 Heroes.

The Auction will end at 2200hrs this Saturday (30th) so all you crows will have been paid.

Dig deep, it's harder to get a bottle of this than it is to get a bottle from the SAS! No duff.


Tis a fine bottle. I will kick it off at £20.


I also suspect that they may take just as much offence with the term shakys which they also find derogatory.

Still the B team though!
This isn't a discussion thread. It's an auction thread for charridy. Feel free to bid for the bottle, or take your argument about SAS v SBS elsewhere...please.
I bid £60 to bring this thread back to an auction.
I bid £110.

It's going to be a lot cheaper doing this than buying the gongs and blazer.


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