SBS Parachuting

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by McDick69, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi there ARRSEholes could someone tell me what techniques the SBS use i.e. HALO/HAHO, Static Line, LLP thanks.
  2. H3

    H3 LE

    Your in for abuse ..... Stand by stand by !!
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  3. Fuck off you dull cunt.
  4. You can't parachute from a sub. But you can get an under-water knife-fighting certificate!
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  5. And why choose this particular thread????
  6. I think I answered that quite nicely, actually. :)
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  7. I can't say too much on here, but a chap called Felix Baumgartner recently had a bit of go at what those blokes have to do every time.

    I've said too much already.
  8. Yes....The first freefall delay is three seconds, after which both in time and exit altitude increase with each successful performance until a 15 second delay is reached. Once you reach these longer delays you will be experiencing terminal velocity and freefalling at 120mph towards the earth.

    In your case I'd 'delay' for at least 15 mins after exiting.

    Carry on
  9. And asking in the medic's forum is the right one because.....?

    If you're that desperate to know, why don't you submit a FoI request?
  10. Thanks for the abuse, by the way It's only a question so can someone please give me a relevant answer thanks. I just find Parachuting interesting
  11. I found it a long, drawn-out, boring process, interspersed with a few seconds of adrenalin rush. The extra pay was nice though. By the way do you masturbate over Guns 'n' Ammo magazine too?
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  12. Listen up, I give you a clue: you go strap one of these on and jump off the nearest tallest building. That is pretty much SBS 49 Para selection course.

  13. Just a thought but maybe the "Hi there ARRSEholes" may have influenced the responses you got.

  14. The final exam is to parachute from the International Space Station and pull your chute 10 ft from the bottom of the Marianas Trench, and if you think that is easy, they have to do it blind folded whilst holding their breath.