SBS get Taliban chief!!! Well done boys.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. The Sun reports.

    More here

    Well done boys, another mad man wondering where his virgins are no doubt, and why God isn't to happy with him.
  2. another one bites the dust and good ridance more of the same please boys
  3. congrats for dealing with a head cnut. keep killing the planners and soon they wont know what part of birmingham their next donation is coming from.

    bad drills being spotted throu ... with his holy AK of infidel slaying and allah on his side, pretty sure mullah f wit could have taken our boys.... had he been bulletproof like he thought. Mibi he should have a word with mohammad about the lack of protection for the faithful.
  4. Good Drills! :D
  5. I raise a toast to those fine men who took out the scum so successfully. Might see you in Birminghamistan soon, you never know. If so, pop in for a cup of tea and a free go on my missus (she's past it anyway but I assume you have low standards, and she'll be grateful for the attention). :thumleft:
  6. Well done Royals! :thumright:

    (Your ID card still says Royal Navy though ;) )
  7. He spotted them? I wonder how...
  8. NOW THATS HOW YOU FIGHT A WAR!! france take note.

    How long before this become an ilegal killing and its on panorama?
  9. Nicely done. Hopefully whoever gave the tip-off gets rewarded instead of an un-friendly visit from the Taliban at night

    god speed
  10. Good effort Bootys!
  11. Good hit guys well done - shame about the bike though - bet its got a flat now! :)
  12. Haven't come across the word "henchmen" since Austin Powers. Good shooting, BTW.
  13. Great job! Must have been a heck of a swim though :D
  14. Hats off to them, a job well done.