Say NO to doom-mongering and try another approach!


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Having just read a remarkable thread (a serious one) in which the current financial situation was described in one sentence, and the solution in half a sentence, I thought "Wow - how neat is that?".

So, for the benefit of everyone (Mr Gordon Brown included), I'd like to see if ARRSE can put together 'An Idiots Guide to Recession', and at the same time, put a really positive spin on things.

Starters for 10:

1. The people who you bank your money with, lent a bit more than was prudent, and people paid back a bit less than they should have.

2. The Government (bless them) are helping the banks out by covering those excess amounts.

3. The pound in your pocket is worth as much as it was yesterday.
Succinctly put Biped, but we're still doomed. I'll try to smile as the weekend approaches.

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