Say it isnt so!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by syledis, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. My nephew is going through phase 1 basic right now, and has told his Gran that on Sundays instead of going for dinner, they can order in a Pizza!! And they get to the Naafi more than once a week.

    Is he winding his Gran up? If he is then i will be issuing him a chit in lieu of a severe beating until i get home.

    Tell me she has got it wrong please.......please.
  2. And the problem with any of that is? ^~
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  3. Modern Army = modern ways.
    You probably can still remember 58 pattern webbing?
  4. Who can't remember 58 webbing?

    We had it until the mid 90's.......... Sprog ye.........
  5. Arent they still using it?
  6. The days of pyramiding your muskets and sitting round a camp fire listening to some cunt play the penny whistle and singing about seeing Boney are over mate

    You want me to chop your meat loaf up small before I empty your catheter bag
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  7. They fuckin should be its better than the stuff that came after it!
  8. Luxury, we used to dream of getting '58 pattern.
  9. If you would be so kind..
  10. And in other news, times change. You know that forming square isn't too effective against cavalry any more, don't you?
  11. We can always re-issue it to you.
    Got some in a box gathering dust waiting to be back loaded.
    Can have it on your 1157 in 5 mins time!
  12. Has AIDS eaten your brain?
  13. No, I used both and a well worn set of 58 was very comfortable and as long as you had a bergen and not the large pack then it was great ~ well until it got wet obviously!
  14. I fear he may have eaten AIDS

    Phone app signatures are wank!
  15. ordering pizza in,the way ahead i would say going by some of the tales about PAYD